Saturday, December 31, 2011

Et Voila!

So, we had this awkward space in the hall, where we took out the door - remember?

After helping Mom and Dad move into their new casa, hubby was inspired by their bench adjacent to the garage... so much so that he thought it would be the perfect solution to the awkward hallway!  Ingenious idea!

So, after checking it out and taking some measurements last night, he got to figuring... and last night's work of this:

And last night's purchase of this:

And, apparently, me leaving him alone for the day... resulted in this:

Isn't that impressive????  Oh my gosh!  It looks even better in person.  He's putting the first coat of paint on it rightthissecond.  And, what's more impressive is that he couldn't get the nail gun to cooperate, so he hand nailed and hand sinked every finish nail.  He was so psyched by how well it turned out, he started in on finishing out our pantry tonight, too!

Before tonight that section on the right was just open, wasted space.  The hardware store didn't have everything he needed, so this is a to-be-continued project =)

Oh, and where was I, you ask?  Out of his hair, in Raleigh, visiting my best friend one last time before she has baby!!!  So, here's one of the things that I've been working on that has slowed my progress on the house - my very first "real" quilt (as in, more than just 1 piece of fabric attached to another - it has actual blocks - lots of them):

Ah, and for those of you following the trials and tribulations of Winston-ian, he wants to you know that he is adjusting well to the changes.  It's rough having to go now between TWO comfy couches in the house, but he is managing.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bye bye, Mom and Dad!

Well, it was weird to wake up this morning and not greet one of my parents in the kitchen.  Winston was TICKED last night when he went in to get on "his" bed and the room had a couch and a chair wrapped in cellophane in it.  He whined the majority of the evening.

So, backing up, yesterday, we took the day off work and helped Mom and Dad move their stuff from our and Grandma's houses into their new diggs.  We moved in with all the workers still rushing to get things done.  Note to contractors: when my Dad sets a goal, that's it. =)  I don't know ANYONE like that, do you???  Anyway, late yesterday afternoon, Mom and I went to Home Depot - me to get paint and her to pick up a few needed things for the house.  Last night, Travis did a little work while I cleaned things up, and now, Mom and Dad's old bedroom is slowly becoming our office/den:

That mint green paint is pesky, and I think Travis is already in there getting a second coat on for me.  That whole goal thing I inherited.  Oh, I also inherited that "I can do it whether my body agrees with me or not" gene - oi! my biceps are sore from putting together our guest room (and moving lots of stuff at Mom and Dad's)!  Pictures aren't very good, and all the stuff from Trav's desk is still on the bed in them, but you get the idea of what I'm going for:

Merry Christmas Eve!  Off to begin preparing our feast :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Holy smokes.  I am finally done painting the main kitchen cabinets.  Now, we just have the backsplash to tile and the breakfast nook cabinets to paint... and the trim to paint... and the window treatments to make... and we'll be done with the kitchen =)

I even had time to give Winston a haircut and a bath.  He was not excited.

Can't see him giving me the stink eye from his safe place?  Here's a close up.

See?  So not happy with me.  But he looks cute in time for Christmas!  Ah, and I promised Nan I'd post this picture of Winston helping me work the other weekend.  So, in memory of my favorite redhead...

If I listen closely, I can hear Nan laughing. =)

Friday, December 16, 2011

The final frontier

Here is the last before of the kitchen cabinets. I might just get them done in time for Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well friends, last weekend we found our backsplash. We searched and purchased 2 pricey samples from Lowes and then headed to Home Depot. We had almost given up hope when I saw it. There was a display with tile that I thought looked fabulous. Hubby was not a fan of the glass and stone combo until he saw it was on clearance :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All blogs go to heaven

Hoping that one of my favorite ladies and faithful follower of Turnberry Love keeps a watchful eye on the future progress of our love and projects...

Love you, Nan.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I might not be able to get out of bed tomorrow...

Thanks to my fight with the 30 year old juniper by our mailbox.  Word of advice: if you are considering purchasing a juniper, don't.  It was half dead and had loads of crab grass growing in it.  It looked depressing.  Mom bought us some pansies the other day, so I decided to tackle the task today.  Most of it just yanked out - that's how rotted it was - but I am sure my neighbor got quite the chuckle when I landed on my rear just as she was driving in front of the house...  Anyway, I took a pic of the mess I made!

And of our front door with our holiday wreath :)

Yesterday, I tackled the cabinets.  Mom came in during my first coat and caught me in the act.  It was a bit of a balancing act, as there's not as much counter space below the corner!

They are ALMOST DONE.  Almost.

Today, I made a pumpkin tart that I made last Thanksgiving.  I just marveled at the fact that I had all my stuff way spread out:

And STILL had SO MUCH counter space.  This is the thing I keep repeating as I finish out these last cabinets!  P.S. See those cabinets in the background?  I can't decide what to do about them.  Black?  Same color as the trim?  Travis wants a deeper color of the walls, but I think that is risky for resale... in case someone thinks it's not easy being green.

So, for a little fun, I'll tell you what Winston has been up to.  Yesterday, he ran 1.5 miles (and sprinted when I asked him if he wanted to go home!) and walked almost 6.  Today, he walked around 4 miles and was EXHAUSTED (he needed a ride, mom and dad tell me).  He also got a bath (horrible) and then a de-matting comb (terrible), and then a brushing (no good), and then a little trimming (very bad day).  He made us laugh.  He was so over the combing that he first tried just sitting straight up against me.  This was unsuccessful, as it meant I had belly access.  So, he resorted to clinging to my arm.

And when that didn't work, he resorted to kissing me.

OK, Winston, I, too, am exhausted.  Back to work (the kind at a computer) for me!

Friday, November 25, 2011

And the stockings were hung by the fire with care.

We started with Christmas preparations even before we had eaten Thanksgiving "linner".  I figured I should recruit the help before bellies were full.  So, we started outside with out courtyard tree.  It got a makeover with lights and oversized ornaments =)

Yup, that's Travis up on the ladder doing some light wrapping!  Here's the final product in the daylight...

And lighting up the night...

Then, we got to enjoy a feast in our new dining room in our new house, with our little family - mom and dad, Sherry, hubby, bro, and of course Winston.  There was a LOT of food.  A LOT.

I didn't get pics of the preparations, but I did get pics of the cleanup.  I have to say that we felt very blessed and happy to have a huge kitchen this year!  It was so great to not have everyone bumping into each other =)

So, then, I got down to Christmas decorating.  Yesterday, it looked like Christmas exploded in the great room.  However, in between working and wrapping, I managed to get things a bit more together ;)  I just worked while I wrapped!

Winston was POOPED from all the activities of the Thanksgiving Holiday.  There was a LOT of begging to be done, you know.


So, we spent an entire evening last weekend searching out a white Christmas tree.  I get Travis a Christopher Radko ornament every year, and I thought they'd look really cool on a white tree with color lights.

 Pretty cute during the day, but it's awesome at night.  What's better is that it's the first thing you notice when you drive into our neighborhood now =)

I also decorated the "adult" tree in the great room.  And put all those gifts I wrapped underneath!

It looks better lit up at night!

Did a little decorating in the entryway...

And did up the mantle in a style that I like to think of as fun and young... hubby dared to reference the "t" word when describing it (I don't think it is ONE BIT tacky, personally).

Happy holidays, everyone!  I'm off to do some work so I can get started on that last chunk of upper cabinets tomorrow =)