Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tuesday started off well.  Mom made coffee.  Without the filter.  Cue the teamwork again - I held a big rag on one part while she did the other so we could get the coffee maker across the kitchen to the sink.  Then, while she made it again (this time without the plastic insert that holds the filter...) HHGregg called to deliver my appliances.
Delivery Guy (DG): We have your white fridge
Me: No.  Stainless steel.
DG: Nope, white.
Me: Stainless steel.
DG: Well, we can't fix it now because we've already left.
At least they did get the dishwasher, washer, dryer, and range right.  So, I called Travis and told him that the salesman probably would rather hear from him =)  He fixed it, and new fridge is now coming Saturday.
So, they put in everything but the dishwasher.  After Garrett's first lesson in my new house (he cracked me up - he moves so much that now without a rug, he was halfway across the great room by the end of the lesson!), Dad set to dishwasher installation.  We made a trip to the hardware store and then began what quickly became a team effort.  I will let the pictures speak for us.

Note that I am holding up the dishwasher, dad is instructing and holding the flashlight, and Travis is doing some wiring.  Mom is doing the all-important task of documenting.

Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays...

and it might have been Winston.

I had to get up and meet my friend and co-trainer super-early Monday morning.  I regretted scheduling that.  Anywho, on the way back home from that, my phone rang like I was a celebrity.  ADT showed up at the house a wee bit early, so Travis let them in.  Winston was unhappy.  He had Travis for lunch.  I showed up as Travis was leaving.  The cable man also came early.  So, poor Winston was dealing with both of them.  Unhappy camper!  Meanwhile, I had scheduled pest control for Lawndale at the same time and the piano movers for a half hour later.  Sherry saved the afternoon by meeting them over there and packing up a bunch of small stuff to bring over.  Then, while I had to run to the bank to sign yet another paper, Sherry stayed with Winston.  That made him feel a little better.

I worked to unpack more boxes (big shocker there!) and discovered a leak under my sink.  It was a bit more than I could take right then, but a call to my best friend, my mom's hug, and my dad's plumbing expertise solved the issue.  Turns out the sprayer was leaking (everywhere, and I mean everywhere), so it's hanging out in the sink until the new countertops (and thus faucet) are installed Tuesday.

Travis finished up the pole issue in our closet.  It is a thing of beauty:

Mom managed to get her bedroom all together.  We were super-jealous!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday morning, I got up before the household and attempted to quietly put together a few last things (difficult in an almost empty house!).  Then, while Mom and Dad hit the road for a walk, Trav and I hit the road for a DD run.  Coffee to keep 3 of us running!  We headed over to start cleaning and unpacking more while waiting for Jared and Jordan to arrive to help with the last of the big items (aka our beds).

So, Saturday when we were bringing our clothes over, I got something weird and sticky on my hand.  I thought it was from one of the hangers.  Upon closer inspection on Sunday, it was discovered that it was the plastic coated wire rods in the closets.  No idea what was on them.  So, I started scrubbing the stupid individual things with Goo Gone.  Thought it was working, had been cleaning one shelf (56 inches) for 45 minutes when the MIL showed up.  She pointed out that they were still sticky.  Awesome.  So, she suggested Murphy's Oil.

So, that seemed to work, so I went back to scrubbing - it at least went much faster this time!  In the midst of this, our moving team arrived.  I am very sorry to report that I was not fast enough to get a picture of Jared single-handedly carrying a queen sized mattress on his back.  It was priceless.  That part of the move was pretty easy - moved some mattresses in and some odds and ends and voila!  There was just a little bit more back at Lawndale that we thought we would address later on Sunday.  Hah.  Or not...
Ok, so back to the closet.  It dried.  It was still sticky.  Mom suggested Windex.  So, while she and I worked to unpack the kitchen (for like 4 hours straight!  Who needs lunch???), Travis took down the blasted wire things, took them outside, and washed them down with Windex and water.  Would have worked (I think) except then he couldn't get them back up.  Connie dropped by and said she had the same problem (getting them back up, not the weird gunk).  So, he set off to get new poles so our clothes could have a home.  Long story short on that one, the closet is a glorious 102 inches wide.  He got a pole that was 8 ft long.  You do the math.  At least I got to hang up our short clothes on Sunday :)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, more neighbors came to visit and brought AWESOME bread to us from the mountains, and Mom and I filled the entire breakfast nook with boxes.  So, she started to break those suckers down.  Travis and I also made a trip to his mother's to pick up our tables, and he made a couple of trips between all places with Mike's truck, taking care of odds and ends.  We were exhausted.  We had no plans for dinner.  We had no food in the fridge (was all still at Lawndale) and no utensils in the drawers.  Oh, and remember, the dishwasher was taken out by the floor guys and left out because it had been apparently leaking.  
So, enter the heroes of this anecdote, Jared and Jordan.  They showed up at the house with steaks, brats, and salad.  They went over and got the food from Lawndale and the utensils.  They made us dinner.  They made us an awesomely delicious dinner especially considering several of us hadn't eaten since breakfast!  They rock.  Jared also assisted with putting up curtains in the master bedroom so we wouldn't have to wake up with the sun.  While Trav finished putting up the curtains, Dad set to replace a broken thermostat (I have my suspicions that Trav "broke" it on such a cool temperature), but he discovered a need for electrical tape and AAA batteries.  SO, all four of us headed BACK to Lawndale to pick up that stuff we said we were going to get a looooong time ago and to put our dirty dishes in the dishwasher there :).  Problem was, I had managed to pack up the dishwasher detergent.  It would have to wait till Monday.  By the time we got back to Turnberry, we were exhausted and all collapsed into our beds.  

Speaking of beds and exhaustion, that pretty much sums me up right now... so 'night!

A little less conversation

So, a little less conversation here in blog-world.  Sunday, we worked all day (more on that later) with no internets.  Yesterday, internets were installed but not accessed.  Today, I sit here with a nervous puppy in my lap listening to my piano get tuned, internets and wireless officially installed.  There are lots of funny (now, looking back, not necessarily then) little anecdotes to share, but I am too tired, and there are still millions of boxes asking to be installed (<-- that is what I wrote when I clearly meant unpacked, see how tired I am??)...  And a granite measurement guy soon...  So, instead, I leave you with this: not much conversation, way more action around here these days (not to mention the song we were introduced to at our wedding :-) )

P.S. I do have to give a shout out to our fabulous family again.  We have been continually reminded of how lucky and supported we are. <3

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Turnberry Love

Well, the crew moved on, and Travis was itching to get back to the house and make it feel more settled.  Why?  Oh, because this is how it looked:

I was tired.  He's lucky I love him =) Otherwise, he would have been on his own with the sorting out of things.  Oh, you see new floor and want a better view?  Well, then, check this out!

Ok, so back to this whole sorting thing.  We moved a bunch of boxes closer to their final destination so that we could arrange the great room.  The couch moved twice.  Let you in on a little secret: the darned thing is INCREDIBLY heavy at the end of a moving stint - especially one in which it took great team work to get not 1 but 2 armoires in the house.  I swore I will never buy another other one, and whoever buys Turnberry from us can have them... or we can pay movers.  Ok, back to our arranging.  It's a crummy picture since it was so dark, but what do you think?

There is a table and a chair to your left when you first come in the room, the piano will be to the right.  Straight ahead, you're looking at our sofa table, actually being used as a real sofa table! Our sofa, two chairs, and a chest of drawers to the right, which will host the TV.  We also did a little work in the entry:

My French desk is on the left there that you can see, with an ottoman in a corner you can't see.  We also moved the rest of our bedroom furniture back, the office furniture just into the office... and now, I think I am going to join Winston once again; he's snoring next to me, and that sounds pretty good right now!

I like to move it, move it...

I think this is a recurring theme: "Holy smokes."

So, this morning, I began final packing preparations, which lasted all day.

Winston finally found a spot where someone wasn't packing =)  (note that paws are actually underneath pillow where head has procured a spot)

At about 4:30, Travis and I set off to pick up the truck.  It started raining.  Thank you, Irene.  However, we were lucky (unlike all those people down at the coast - thinking of them) and it lasted a very short period of time!  Travis took the huge (24') truck to Clemmons to pick up some large items from Grandma's with his mom.  They arrived at the house, and Dad worked his magic on the truck, backing it up the driveway for us.  Way up, to level ground, since the emergency break promised did not exist.  Man, oh man, does that truck whine, moan, and groan.  I'm not sure it could do much more than an "in town" move!

Jared and Jordan arrived with Mom and then suddenly Adam was here, too!  The crew moved the house in record time.  I was putting hot dogs on the grill before 9pm.  They decided that the goal of the evening, instead of loading the truck, would be to flat load (aka not stack boxes) and make a couple of trips, just getting the furniture in the house.  People in the house in socks received items from those in shoes outside.  I had been really worried about Winston's reaction to the move, but he seemed to really take it in stride.  We had 2 doors open at Lawndale every time we moved more stuff out, and he just hung out in the house!  Not even a tail down!  I was so impressed.  It has worn him out, though!  We also had a strong showing of team work with the moving in of armoires.  It was impressive.  Clear communication, a plan, lots of hands, and incredible strength got both of them to their final destinations with people, floors, and furniture completely in tact!  WOOHOO!  Teamwork played in again when we made a chain from the boxes in the house to the moving truck and passed them on down.  Most of them were fragile, and there became quite the joke about fragile boxes!

Tomorrow, we will have to move our beds, a few odds and ends, and a few more things from Clemmons.  The rest of the day can be dedicated to a few final touch ups at Lawndale, cleaning, and settling in to Turnberry Love.  Man, are we lucky.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Our floors are AMAZING.  I can't WAIT to share pics (sorry such a tease - I didn't have my phone with me when we stopped by).  The air conditioning was making the house blissfully freezing - the floors were already dry this afternoon.  One more coat, 24 hours, and we can go skating in our new house in socks :)

We went and looked at appliances tonight.  Hubby has managed to lobby the purchase of not just a new range (to replace the marigold one...) but also a dishwasher (the one in the house apparently had a leak of some sort, so the sweet flooring guys left it out so as to prevent flooring damage) and a fridge (the current fridge doesn't have water in the door, and our new faucet won't allow for a water filter)... not to mention a new washing machine and dryer.  *sigh*  Our sales guy is gonna have a good weekend... :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paint and the poor A/C

Missing the hubby and pup tonight, but glad to get some bff qt here in Raleigh (oh, and that training for work, too) - qt that doesn't require holding a paint brush or a hammer =)
Last night, I got to walk in to a completely floored house!!!  Check it out!

 We finished painting the master (but it was late, and I was tired... so I forgot to take a picture) and primed the master hallway area.  We're gonna need more paint.

While we were painting, I noticed that our house actual temperature and supposed to be temperature were way different.  I examined the circuit breakers (as if I could do anything - hah!) outside and determined that we (aka hubby) should check the filters before the floors get sanded.  Mom and Dad brought Winston over, so with dad at the entrance to cheer Travis on, Travis descended into the crawl space ("this one is way nicer than Lawndale!").  He came out with 2 COVERED filters... thankfully, the wonderful previous owner had left us 2 fresh ones.  Five minutes later, the house had miraculously cooled off.  Phew :)

Travis called me excited this afternoon to tell me he had stopped by the house and had seen the first layer of poly on freshly sanded floors.  MAN am I jealous!!!  Can't wait to see them!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gluttons for punishment

Travis met our floor guy Monday morning, and he was shocked by how much we had gotten done.  The guys set in to starting laying the floors.  We discovered that the floor has to run against the joysts (SP?), so the floor is running in a couple of different directions.  I stopped by at my lunch hour because curiosity was killing this cat.  I snuck in the back door, and the guys, oblivious to my presence, were working HARD.  They had a good chunk of the bedrooms and the long hallway set out/installed.  After work, we suited up in our paint-covered clothes and headed back over to the house.  We were shocked when we got there and the guys were still there just cleaning up!!

We were also shocked by how much better the place looked already,

Travis wanted to try to get our great room ceiling painted so it won't be such an eyesore when we move in, so while he did that, I started priming the master bedroom.  Soon, he realized his sore arms wouldn't be handling that ceiling, so he came in to help yours truly!   Primer coat is on, so we've got one more night to get our final coat on before they start finishing the floors!  Now, if Irene can just decide to not ruin everyone's last summer hurrah and our moving day, things might go smoothly :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Overwhelming Turnberry Love...

So, I first named our blog Turnberry Love because it's the first house that hubby and I will move in to together.  Sure, he was a huge part of my first house's renovations, but I moved in August 2007 and he didn't join me until September 2009.  This meant clearing out MY stuff to make way for HIS stuff.  Turnberry is giving us a chance to move somewhere together, after a sorta unexpected opportunity and renovation chance.

This weekend, I think it is even MORE appropriately named Turnberry Love because of the love in the home.  First it has such wonderful, romantic karma.  One of the neighbors shared with Travis that the previous owner moved in because her husband knew he didn't have much more time and wanted her to be somewhere she wouldn't have to worry about much house upkeep and whatnot.  I think that is one of the sweetest and most loving actions.  We also had the privilege of meeting her son at closing.  He thanked us for buying her home.  I wanted to hug him.  (FYI, I refrained, as I think that might have made things awkward.)

Second, I was completely overwhelmed this weekend (not only by the amount of work there was to do) by the showing of love by our family (and adopted family).  There was a lot of blood and sweat put into our house this weekend.  Holy moley was there.  But here's the thing.  Dad did way more than he should have physically been able to.  Sherry took off the whole weekend to pitch in and worked like we were paying her double.  Jared and Jordan spent two days of a precious med-student-vacation cheerfully doing work that helped us actually finish in time.  Adam stopped in for a few hours Friday night and lent his beastly physique.  Michael greeted us (two smelly, sawdust covered people, mind you) with a huge hug and expression of how proud he was and then pitched in without a word.  Loma told us she came because it was a great place to find 4 people she loved.  The neighbors came over, said hello and welcome to the neighborhood (and told us we had managed to pull the average age of the neighborhood down to 80 :0) haha!).  Mom cleaned and pitched in wherever she was needed, made us eclair cake... and best of all... gave me a hand massage when I could no longer hold a hammer. :)

Oh, and Winston of course lovingly welcomed us all back to our first home each time we returned for rest.

So, our first home was built and renovated with love.  Our second home is filled with love.  We are completely, totally, utterly blessed with the best family and friends.  Hands down.  And speaking of hands... the comfort provided by that hand massage is wearing off, so I bid you all good night :)

Just one more day

Lexie (again, trekking down Lewisville Clemmons Road): I'm on my way!
Sherry: Do we have to?
Lexie: LOL just one more day

And so began day 3... a few more large chunks of flooring, the kitchen floor, and lots of chiseling ahead of our amazing crew.  Sherry and I got to the house around 8 and set to work, finishing the chiseling in the dining room before anyone else joined us!

Soon, though, as we hit the living room, Travis, Mom, and Dad came in and got to work.  And then, I heard my brother's voice!  I couldn't believe he and Jordan were back for more punishment!  With a little instruction, Jordan set to chiseling out the hallway.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Dad and The Brute set to figuring out kitchen demo.

They cut out squares of the particle/linoleum/OSB/linoleum floor and then Jared used a "yard bar" and his brute strength to pull up the squares.

It was done in amazing record time.  Meanwhile, we were still chipping.  And chipping.  And chipping.  I had to chisel out along the built ins in the great room.  This required pep talks, singing, laughing at getting my glove stuck between the chisel and hammer, and, finally, prayer.  Sherry joined Jordan in the hallway for operation floor preparation while Mom covered the oh-so-important clean up duty (having particle board chips in your hiney is very uncomfy!).  What do I mean by chipping?  We had to make sure that the particle board was at least even with the baseboards.  It was about 2 inches under the baseboards.  Sometimes, we got lucky and could work it out away from the nails under the baseboard (who nails under the baseboards???).  Sometimes, we just had to chip it to be even or just under the baseboards.

We pretty much tried every method.  Including the stomp on it because you are so over it method.

Also accomplished today was the scraping of the ceiling of the great room by Travis.  I took over on clean up duty at the end of the day.  There was a lot of ceiling stuff, and this was after Mom had cleaned it up several times already!

By the end of the day, even Sherry needed a break.  She took some respite on the front porch and chatted with Christina!

Help from the docs!

Jared and Jordan left Ohio especially early to make it to our house for afternoon help.  Don't I feel like a spoiled older sister???  We had all made pretty darned good progress on ripping out the floors, but it was starting to feel a LITTLE OVERWHELMING if ya know what I mean.  After a tour of what we'd done, the weary travelers set in.  We started in the master bedroom, where Jared helped Jordan master the art of pulling up nails.  She got darned good at it, let me tell you.  She joined the ranks of Sherry, Travis, Jared, and Mom (and me when I wasn't hammering my knuckle - still in awe that it's not more bruised!)  There were a LOT of nails.  Like every 2 inches, no exaggeration.  Jordan said it gave you a certain sense of satisfaction to see that nail come up!

Jared and Dad came up with a rocking way to get up the kitchen floor (particle board, linoleum flooring, 1/4 inch OSB, then another layer of linoleum flooring) which involved the skill saw and what I would describe as brute strength.  However, Dad pointed out that he REALLY needed ear plugs, a safety item I had failed to anticipate.  So, Brute and his girl went to ripping out the rest of the floors with Travis and yours truly.  We have very few floors to get up tomorrow!  We'll be spending most of the day with chisels around the edges...

This tough (and I mean tough) work required occasional breaks over the air vents when the A/C kicked on (Jordan soon understood why it was so chilly in the house - check out the Brute!)

Travis also began working on the ceiling in the great room, wetting it down so that we can scrape it and start from scratch.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Travis, Sherry, and I had a wedding to attend, so work had to stop at 5:30.  We clean up pretty well, doncha think?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Visitors coming, trash leaving

Lexie: r u awake?
Sherry: Sorta.

So, the day began with me strolling down Lewisville-Clemmons Road in my "work clothes" and Coach purse.  I am sure I was a sight to be seen.  Sherry and I started off the day, pulling up nails, but Travis, Mom, and Dad soon followed.  The first junk removal company showed up just before 11, and boy am I glad they came early.  They looked at our junk and told us it would be $1000 to remove!!!  I said, yeah, no thanks, and they came back and offered $650.  Travis told them he could get a dumpster for $350 and we bid them adieu.  Dad told us again about his junk man, Ron, and so a newspaper later (needed his number from the classifieds), Ron was on the phone, telling me he'd be out soon.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our first non-neighbor, non-working visitor appeared!  I heard her voice and knew immediately that the lovely Loma had come to visit!!!  Her visit was a welcome mid-morning break!

Meanwhile, Dad worked on the kitchen, priming the walls.

Shortly after Loma left us, Michael came to say hello!

Travis gave him the grand tour (thank the good Lord our visitors today have vision!) while Mom and Dad continued to work on those kitchen walls.

Now, back to Ron.  Holy smokes.  He and 2 guys came with a big truck and a pickup.  He gave me a price less than a quarter of the other junk guys.  WAHOO!  Everyone got in on the action, moving the junk out to the patio so that Ron and his guys could get it in the truck more easily.  I think the pictures do a great job of explaining...

Ron and his men will be back on Monday to pick up the rest of our junk... more about that soon!