Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tuesday started off well.  Mom made coffee.  Without the filter.  Cue the teamwork again - I held a big rag on one part while she did the other so we could get the coffee maker across the kitchen to the sink.  Then, while she made it again (this time without the plastic insert that holds the filter...) HHGregg called to deliver my appliances.
Delivery Guy (DG): We have your white fridge
Me: No.  Stainless steel.
DG: Nope, white.
Me: Stainless steel.
DG: Well, we can't fix it now because we've already left.
At least they did get the dishwasher, washer, dryer, and range right.  So, I called Travis and told him that the salesman probably would rather hear from him =)  He fixed it, and new fridge is now coming Saturday.
So, they put in everything but the dishwasher.  After Garrett's first lesson in my new house (he cracked me up - he moves so much that now without a rug, he was halfway across the great room by the end of the lesson!), Dad set to dishwasher installation.  We made a trip to the hardware store and then began what quickly became a team effort.  I will let the pictures speak for us.

Note that I am holding up the dishwasher, dad is instructing and holding the flashlight, and Travis is doing some wiring.  Mom is doing the all-important task of documenting.

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