Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gluttons for punishment

Travis met our floor guy Monday morning, and he was shocked by how much we had gotten done.  The guys set in to starting laying the floors.  We discovered that the floor has to run against the joysts (SP?), so the floor is running in a couple of different directions.  I stopped by at my lunch hour because curiosity was killing this cat.  I snuck in the back door, and the guys, oblivious to my presence, were working HARD.  They had a good chunk of the bedrooms and the long hallway set out/installed.  After work, we suited up in our paint-covered clothes and headed back over to the house.  We were shocked when we got there and the guys were still there just cleaning up!!

We were also shocked by how much better the place looked already,

Travis wanted to try to get our great room ceiling painted so it won't be such an eyesore when we move in, so while he did that, I started priming the master bedroom.  Soon, he realized his sore arms wouldn't be handling that ceiling, so he came in to help yours truly!   Primer coat is on, so we've got one more night to get our final coat on before they start finishing the floors!  Now, if Irene can just decide to not ruin everyone's last summer hurrah and our moving day, things might go smoothly :)

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