Sunday, August 21, 2011

Help from the docs!

Jared and Jordan left Ohio especially early to make it to our house for afternoon help.  Don't I feel like a spoiled older sister???  We had all made pretty darned good progress on ripping out the floors, but it was starting to feel a LITTLE OVERWHELMING if ya know what I mean.  After a tour of what we'd done, the weary travelers set in.  We started in the master bedroom, where Jared helped Jordan master the art of pulling up nails.  She got darned good at it, let me tell you.  She joined the ranks of Sherry, Travis, Jared, and Mom (and me when I wasn't hammering my knuckle - still in awe that it's not more bruised!)  There were a LOT of nails.  Like every 2 inches, no exaggeration.  Jordan said it gave you a certain sense of satisfaction to see that nail come up!

Jared and Dad came up with a rocking way to get up the kitchen floor (particle board, linoleum flooring, 1/4 inch OSB, then another layer of linoleum flooring) which involved the skill saw and what I would describe as brute strength.  However, Dad pointed out that he REALLY needed ear plugs, a safety item I had failed to anticipate.  So, Brute and his girl went to ripping out the rest of the floors with Travis and yours truly.  We have very few floors to get up tomorrow!  We'll be spending most of the day with chisels around the edges...

This tough (and I mean tough) work required occasional breaks over the air vents when the A/C kicked on (Jordan soon understood why it was so chilly in the house - check out the Brute!)

Travis also began working on the ceiling in the great room, wetting it down so that we can scrape it and start from scratch.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Travis, Sherry, and I had a wedding to attend, so work had to stop at 5:30.  We clean up pretty well, doncha think?

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