Saturday, August 27, 2011

I like to move it, move it...

I think this is a recurring theme: "Holy smokes."

So, this morning, I began final packing preparations, which lasted all day.

Winston finally found a spot where someone wasn't packing =)  (note that paws are actually underneath pillow where head has procured a spot)

At about 4:30, Travis and I set off to pick up the truck.  It started raining.  Thank you, Irene.  However, we were lucky (unlike all those people down at the coast - thinking of them) and it lasted a very short period of time!  Travis took the huge (24') truck to Clemmons to pick up some large items from Grandma's with his mom.  They arrived at the house, and Dad worked his magic on the truck, backing it up the driveway for us.  Way up, to level ground, since the emergency break promised did not exist.  Man, oh man, does that truck whine, moan, and groan.  I'm not sure it could do much more than an "in town" move!

Jared and Jordan arrived with Mom and then suddenly Adam was here, too!  The crew moved the house in record time.  I was putting hot dogs on the grill before 9pm.  They decided that the goal of the evening, instead of loading the truck, would be to flat load (aka not stack boxes) and make a couple of trips, just getting the furniture in the house.  People in the house in socks received items from those in shoes outside.  I had been really worried about Winston's reaction to the move, but he seemed to really take it in stride.  We had 2 doors open at Lawndale every time we moved more stuff out, and he just hung out in the house!  Not even a tail down!  I was so impressed.  It has worn him out, though!  We also had a strong showing of team work with the moving in of armoires.  It was impressive.  Clear communication, a plan, lots of hands, and incredible strength got both of them to their final destinations with people, floors, and furniture completely in tact!  WOOHOO!  Teamwork played in again when we made a chain from the boxes in the house to the moving truck and passed them on down.  Most of them were fragile, and there became quite the joke about fragile boxes!

Tomorrow, we will have to move our beds, a few odds and ends, and a few more things from Clemmons.  The rest of the day can be dedicated to a few final touch ups at Lawndale, cleaning, and settling in to Turnberry Love.  Man, are we lucky.

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