Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ikea splurge!

So, we have big plans for the kitchen - our first project to tackle after the ceiling in the great room and flooring throughout the house.  We're doing a little work on the kitchen before we close so that we'll be able to cook fairly soon after moving in.  We picked out our granite one day and went back recently to check out the new slabs that had arrived... and fell in love with yet another granite, appropriately named "St. Cecilia"!  So, that's all scheduled to be put in the Tuesday after Labor Day.

We're planning to paint the cabinets... that we keep.  The styling is a little outdated (hello 1978), so we've bought new hardware and plan to pull some of the cabinets out.  The rest will be painted with Rust-Oleum's new cabinet paint.  We're saying goodbye to the original harvest gold "hi-lo" oven and putting in a new fancy hood and open shelving in its place.  So, we're planning to buy the oven right before we move in... but since we were getting the hood from Ikea, we made a trip ahead of time.  Behold, our new hood:

Ohh lala!

And then, there's this issue of Trav's love of a $600 painting of a cow at Noble's a few weekends ago.  I said no.  He found another, less expensive one on Etsy.  I still said no.  Then, we saw this at Ikea:

Ok... have your cow...

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