Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just one more day

Lexie (again, trekking down Lewisville Clemmons Road): I'm on my way!
Sherry: Do we have to?
Lexie: LOL just one more day

And so began day 3... a few more large chunks of flooring, the kitchen floor, and lots of chiseling ahead of our amazing crew.  Sherry and I got to the house around 8 and set to work, finishing the chiseling in the dining room before anyone else joined us!

Soon, though, as we hit the living room, Travis, Mom, and Dad came in and got to work.  And then, I heard my brother's voice!  I couldn't believe he and Jordan were back for more punishment!  With a little instruction, Jordan set to chiseling out the hallway.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Dad and The Brute set to figuring out kitchen demo.

They cut out squares of the particle/linoleum/OSB/linoleum floor and then Jared used a "yard bar" and his brute strength to pull up the squares.

It was done in amazing record time.  Meanwhile, we were still chipping.  And chipping.  And chipping.  I had to chisel out along the built ins in the great room.  This required pep talks, singing, laughing at getting my glove stuck between the chisel and hammer, and, finally, prayer.  Sherry joined Jordan in the hallway for operation floor preparation while Mom covered the oh-so-important clean up duty (having particle board chips in your hiney is very uncomfy!).  What do I mean by chipping?  We had to make sure that the particle board was at least even with the baseboards.  It was about 2 inches under the baseboards.  Sometimes, we got lucky and could work it out away from the nails under the baseboard (who nails under the baseboards???).  Sometimes, we just had to chip it to be even or just under the baseboards.

We pretty much tried every method.  Including the stomp on it because you are so over it method.

Also accomplished today was the scraping of the ceiling of the great room by Travis.  I took over on clean up duty at the end of the day.  There was a lot of ceiling stuff, and this was after Mom had cleaned it up several times already!

By the end of the day, even Sherry needed a break.  She took some respite on the front porch and chatted with Christina!

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