Thursday, August 25, 2011


Our floors are AMAZING.  I can't WAIT to share pics (sorry such a tease - I didn't have my phone with me when we stopped by).  The air conditioning was making the house blissfully freezing - the floors were already dry this afternoon.  One more coat, 24 hours, and we can go skating in our new house in socks :)

We went and looked at appliances tonight.  Hubby has managed to lobby the purchase of not just a new range (to replace the marigold one...) but also a dishwasher (the one in the house apparently had a leak of some sort, so the sweet flooring guys left it out so as to prevent flooring damage) and a fridge (the current fridge doesn't have water in the door, and our new faucet won't allow for a water filter)... not to mention a new washing machine and dryer.  *sigh*  Our sales guy is gonna have a good weekend... :)

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