Sunday, August 21, 2011

Overwhelming Turnberry Love...

So, I first named our blog Turnberry Love because it's the first house that hubby and I will move in to together.  Sure, he was a huge part of my first house's renovations, but I moved in August 2007 and he didn't join me until September 2009.  This meant clearing out MY stuff to make way for HIS stuff.  Turnberry is giving us a chance to move somewhere together, after a sorta unexpected opportunity and renovation chance.

This weekend, I think it is even MORE appropriately named Turnberry Love because of the love in the home.  First it has such wonderful, romantic karma.  One of the neighbors shared with Travis that the previous owner moved in because her husband knew he didn't have much more time and wanted her to be somewhere she wouldn't have to worry about much house upkeep and whatnot.  I think that is one of the sweetest and most loving actions.  We also had the privilege of meeting her son at closing.  He thanked us for buying her home.  I wanted to hug him.  (FYI, I refrained, as I think that might have made things awkward.)

Second, I was completely overwhelmed this weekend (not only by the amount of work there was to do) by the showing of love by our family (and adopted family).  There was a lot of blood and sweat put into our house this weekend.  Holy moley was there.  But here's the thing.  Dad did way more than he should have physically been able to.  Sherry took off the whole weekend to pitch in and worked like we were paying her double.  Jared and Jordan spent two days of a precious med-student-vacation cheerfully doing work that helped us actually finish in time.  Adam stopped in for a few hours Friday night and lent his beastly physique.  Michael greeted us (two smelly, sawdust covered people, mind you) with a huge hug and expression of how proud he was and then pitched in without a word.  Loma told us she came because it was a great place to find 4 people she loved.  The neighbors came over, said hello and welcome to the neighborhood (and told us we had managed to pull the average age of the neighborhood down to 80 :0) haha!).  Mom cleaned and pitched in wherever she was needed, made us eclair cake... and best of all... gave me a hand massage when I could no longer hold a hammer. :)

Oh, and Winston of course lovingly welcomed us all back to our first home each time we returned for rest.

So, our first home was built and renovated with love.  Our second home is filled with love.  We are completely, totally, utterly blessed with the best family and friends.  Hands down.  And speaking of hands... the comfort provided by that hand massage is wearing off, so I bid you all good night :)

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