Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paint and the poor A/C

Missing the hubby and pup tonight, but glad to get some bff qt here in Raleigh (oh, and that training for work, too) - qt that doesn't require holding a paint brush or a hammer =)
Last night, I got to walk in to a completely floored house!!!  Check it out!

 We finished painting the master (but it was late, and I was tired... so I forgot to take a picture) and primed the master hallway area.  We're gonna need more paint.

While we were painting, I noticed that our house actual temperature and supposed to be temperature were way different.  I examined the circuit breakers (as if I could do anything - hah!) outside and determined that we (aka hubby) should check the filters before the floors get sanded.  Mom and Dad brought Winston over, so with dad at the entrance to cheer Travis on, Travis descended into the crawl space ("this one is way nicer than Lawndale!").  He came out with 2 COVERED filters... thankfully, the wonderful previous owner had left us 2 fresh ones.  Five minutes later, the house had miraculously cooled off.  Phew :)

Travis called me excited this afternoon to tell me he had stopped by the house and had seen the first layer of poly on freshly sanded floors.  MAN am I jealous!!!  Can't wait to see them!!!

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