Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays...

and it might have been Winston.

I had to get up and meet my friend and co-trainer super-early Monday morning.  I regretted scheduling that.  Anywho, on the way back home from that, my phone rang like I was a celebrity.  ADT showed up at the house a wee bit early, so Travis let them in.  Winston was unhappy.  He had Travis for lunch.  I showed up as Travis was leaving.  The cable man also came early.  So, poor Winston was dealing with both of them.  Unhappy camper!  Meanwhile, I had scheduled pest control for Lawndale at the same time and the piano movers for a half hour later.  Sherry saved the afternoon by meeting them over there and packing up a bunch of small stuff to bring over.  Then, while I had to run to the bank to sign yet another paper, Sherry stayed with Winston.  That made him feel a little better.

I worked to unpack more boxes (big shocker there!) and discovered a leak under my sink.  It was a bit more than I could take right then, but a call to my best friend, my mom's hug, and my dad's plumbing expertise solved the issue.  Turns out the sprayer was leaking (everywhere, and I mean everywhere), so it's hanging out in the sink until the new countertops (and thus faucet) are installed Tuesday.

Travis finished up the pole issue in our closet.  It is a thing of beauty:

Mom managed to get her bedroom all together.  We were super-jealous!

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