Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday, Funday! Unless you're Winston...

Winston is NOT a fan of this whole packing thing.  He's been having a hard time finding a good quiet, unobstructed place to hang in all the noise!  Play "Where's Winston" here:
After we did some packing (and I did some final yard work while catching up with the lovely Meredith Ransom!), we went to the new house with dad to review our game plan for FRIDAY!!!  So exciting!  Then, when we were squeaky clean, Travis and I headed off to World Market to buy curtain rods and look at curtains, which are a good deal courtesy of Sherry.  We found rods for the master bedroom and for Travis's office... and some fabulous flowered curtains that I am going to embellish for his office!  Check them out, shown with the wall color :)

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