Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday morning, I got up before the household and attempted to quietly put together a few last things (difficult in an almost empty house!).  Then, while Mom and Dad hit the road for a walk, Trav and I hit the road for a DD run.  Coffee to keep 3 of us running!  We headed over to start cleaning and unpacking more while waiting for Jared and Jordan to arrive to help with the last of the big items (aka our beds).

So, Saturday when we were bringing our clothes over, I got something weird and sticky on my hand.  I thought it was from one of the hangers.  Upon closer inspection on Sunday, it was discovered that it was the plastic coated wire rods in the closets.  No idea what was on them.  So, I started scrubbing the stupid individual things with Goo Gone.  Thought it was working, had been cleaning one shelf (56 inches) for 45 minutes when the MIL showed up.  She pointed out that they were still sticky.  Awesome.  So, she suggested Murphy's Oil.

So, that seemed to work, so I went back to scrubbing - it at least went much faster this time!  In the midst of this, our moving team arrived.  I am very sorry to report that I was not fast enough to get a picture of Jared single-handedly carrying a queen sized mattress on his back.  It was priceless.  That part of the move was pretty easy - moved some mattresses in and some odds and ends and voila!  There was just a little bit more back at Lawndale that we thought we would address later on Sunday.  Hah.  Or not...
Ok, so back to the closet.  It dried.  It was still sticky.  Mom suggested Windex.  So, while she and I worked to unpack the kitchen (for like 4 hours straight!  Who needs lunch???), Travis took down the blasted wire things, took them outside, and washed them down with Windex and water.  Would have worked (I think) except then he couldn't get them back up.  Connie dropped by and said she had the same problem (getting them back up, not the weird gunk).  So, he set off to get new poles so our clothes could have a home.  Long story short on that one, the closet is a glorious 102 inches wide.  He got a pole that was 8 ft long.  You do the math.  At least I got to hang up our short clothes on Sunday :)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, more neighbors came to visit and brought AWESOME bread to us from the mountains, and Mom and I filled the entire breakfast nook with boxes.  So, she started to break those suckers down.  Travis and I also made a trip to his mother's to pick up our tables, and he made a couple of trips between all places with Mike's truck, taking care of odds and ends.  We were exhausted.  We had no plans for dinner.  We had no food in the fridge (was all still at Lawndale) and no utensils in the drawers.  Oh, and remember, the dishwasher was taken out by the floor guys and left out because it had been apparently leaking.  
So, enter the heroes of this anecdote, Jared and Jordan.  They showed up at the house with steaks, brats, and salad.  They went over and got the food from Lawndale and the utensils.  They made us dinner.  They made us an awesomely delicious dinner especially considering several of us hadn't eaten since breakfast!  They rock.  Jared also assisted with putting up curtains in the master bedroom so we wouldn't have to wake up with the sun.  While Trav finished putting up the curtains, Dad set to replace a broken thermostat (I have my suspicions that Trav "broke" it on such a cool temperature), but he discovered a need for electrical tape and AAA batteries.  SO, all four of us headed BACK to Lawndale to pick up that stuff we said we were going to get a looooong time ago and to put our dirty dishes in the dishwasher there :).  Problem was, I had managed to pack up the dishwasher detergent.  It would have to wait till Monday.  By the time we got back to Turnberry, we were exhausted and all collapsed into our beds.  

Speaking of beds and exhaustion, that pretty much sums me up right now... so 'night!

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