Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank you, Bank A, for letting me test out my stress-reduction techniques

So, today, I walked into our new house for our final walkthrough (yay!) and was greeted by our fabulous realtor, Lloyd... who had news... that our closing has to be pushed back.  Why?  The bank still hasn't sent any documents to our lawyer.  This news sent one little redhead running through the house, leaving high-pitched, fast-paced messages for both of the women working on our mortgage.

WHAT???  Not surprising, since I was asked for documents we had sent a month ago and then for lots of other random stuff 15 minutes before I left for our walk-through.  So, after a quick walk-through, the wonderful problem-solving hubby set off for the bank.  By the time I got there, he had met with our original contact there, D, and had the branch and mortgage managers looking into the issue.

Bank A, let me just say that I was really disappointed.  However, I will return for future business thanks to the customer service provided by D and your branches manager.  D had the right people working on our "issue" within 5 minutes of Travis's arrival.  She took over another issue that she could handle herself.  More importantly, she actually managed to calm me down.  She's an amazingly hard worker, problem solver, and great customer service representative.

Let's just hope closing really happens by 2pm tomorrow... so far, we've lost 4 hours of working time.

Off to find my "om"...

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