Saturday, August 27, 2011

Turnberry Love

Well, the crew moved on, and Travis was itching to get back to the house and make it feel more settled.  Why?  Oh, because this is how it looked:

I was tired.  He's lucky I love him =) Otherwise, he would have been on his own with the sorting out of things.  Oh, you see new floor and want a better view?  Well, then, check this out!

Ok, so back to this whole sorting thing.  We moved a bunch of boxes closer to their final destination so that we could arrange the great room.  The couch moved twice.  Let you in on a little secret: the darned thing is INCREDIBLY heavy at the end of a moving stint - especially one in which it took great team work to get not 1 but 2 armoires in the house.  I swore I will never buy another other one, and whoever buys Turnberry from us can have them... or we can pay movers.  Ok, back to our arranging.  It's a crummy picture since it was so dark, but what do you think?

There is a table and a chair to your left when you first come in the room, the piano will be to the right.  Straight ahead, you're looking at our sofa table, actually being used as a real sofa table! Our sofa, two chairs, and a chest of drawers to the right, which will host the TV.  We also did a little work in the entry:

My French desk is on the left there that you can see, with an ottoman in a corner you can't see.  We also moved the rest of our bedroom furniture back, the office furniture just into the office... and now, I think I am going to join Winston once again; he's snoring next to me, and that sounds pretty good right now!

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