Saturday, August 20, 2011

Visitors coming, trash leaving

Lexie: r u awake?
Sherry: Sorta.

So, the day began with me strolling down Lewisville-Clemmons Road in my "work clothes" and Coach purse.  I am sure I was a sight to be seen.  Sherry and I started off the day, pulling up nails, but Travis, Mom, and Dad soon followed.  The first junk removal company showed up just before 11, and boy am I glad they came early.  They looked at our junk and told us it would be $1000 to remove!!!  I said, yeah, no thanks, and they came back and offered $650.  Travis told them he could get a dumpster for $350 and we bid them adieu.  Dad told us again about his junk man, Ron, and so a newspaper later (needed his number from the classifieds), Ron was on the phone, telling me he'd be out soon.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our first non-neighbor, non-working visitor appeared!  I heard her voice and knew immediately that the lovely Loma had come to visit!!!  Her visit was a welcome mid-morning break!

Meanwhile, Dad worked on the kitchen, priming the walls.

Shortly after Loma left us, Michael came to say hello!

Travis gave him the grand tour (thank the good Lord our visitors today have vision!) while Mom and Dad continued to work on those kitchen walls.

Now, back to Ron.  Holy smokes.  He and 2 guys came with a big truck and a pickup.  He gave me a price less than a quarter of the other junk guys.  WAHOO!  Everyone got in on the action, moving the junk out to the patio so that Ron and his guys could get it in the truck more easily.  I think the pictures do a great job of explaining...

Ron and his men will be back on Monday to pick up the rest of our junk... more about that soon!

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