Friday, August 19, 2011

We get by with a little help from our friends ('rents)

So, just as we started trying to figure out how to best pull up the subfloor
Sherry jumped in to the mix.  She is one heck of a worker.  We set to pulling up nails out of the boards... and when Mom stopped by to check on progress and get a refresher tour, she helped the blog-cause by taking some pics!

So, whoever put in this floor had absolutely no rhyme or reason to how many nails went into each board, how far apart they should be spaced, or whether to use nails with/without heads.  Thanks to a suggestion from Dad, we had "cats paws" - you hammer one side under the nail head and then flip it around to yank the nail out of the floor.  Adam joined us around 6 and jumped right in.  Mom and Dad followed, and while Travis headed to Lowe's for more supplies, my dad decided to show us how it's done - and started ripping out massive amounts of board in the dining room.

Adam took his form up and became known as The Beast for the rest of the evening.
And before we knew it, the floors started looking like this!

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