Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday funday!

I managed to get a workout AND a shower in before Carlos showed up at 8 to finish cleanup on the ceiling and make sure it was up to his standards.  So, I jumped into the second coat of paint on the upper cupboards and lower upper cabinet doors.  By the way, I think I could be circus act now.  I prepped and painted those cabinets while standing on the granite, even straddling the oven when necessary =)  

Carlos finished up pretty early, so we got to admire the room before I had to mop the floor ANOTHER 3 times... and yes, he left it pretty darned clean!  That dust sticks to EVERYTHING.

Winston was pretty happy to have free range of the house back, but he got super-spooked while I put the glaze on the cabinets.  He stuck to me like glue - note the tail down.

So, that process of glazing looks a little wonky.  See?  You paint on the glaze and it beads up in places.  Don't fear, though, Jess, if you do this.  Once you start blotting it up with the special cheese cloth stuff that's in the kit, it looks beauti-mous.

But, the worst thing was that they looked a completely different color than they did yesterday.  I had a mini freak-out session (although they were the color I had originally hoped for...), but when we brought them into the kitchen, lo and behold, they were the same color.  If the lighting in the dining room had only been that way 2 days ago - or whenever I started on these darned things.

It started to really take shape and feel quite rewarding when I got the glazing done on the upper cabinets.  I did pull out the big ladder for this job, since it involved vigorous scrubbing without the option of holding on to the cabinets to steady myself.

If you look at it from the dining room, it kinda looks done...

Between the plastic in the dining room moving in disturbingly unpredictable ways and the noise and bother of the great room furniture being moved back into its place, Winston was way done in.  He spent so long guarding outdoors, I actually forgot he was out there!  When he did finally decide it might be safe to come in, he came to the conclusion that the only safe spot was in the corner in the kitchen, apparently.

That box of stuff used to be under the sink... but now there is a nice pull out garbage can there in its place.  I have to share my bargain on this one!  It's a two-can pull out thing.  It was the last one on clearance at the Home Depot yesterday.  The box was totally wrecked, but I figured that clearance = cheap!  The nice guy there had it price-checked - it turned out to be like $22!  Wahoo!  He brought it to the front for me, and the girl at the service desk looked at the box and asked if I had checked to see if it had everything.  I shrugged and said it was the last one.  So, because the box was wrecked, she told me she'd give me another $5 off - I didn't even think to ask!  Wahoo!

OK, so back to admiring our new ceiling.  The glaze on the cabinets has to dry for 8 hours, so I hope to get the clear protective coat on tomorrow morning before hanging with Sarah!!!  Then, I will be able to put the doors back up on Monday night or Tuesday morning.  OK... so, I spent the rest of the day cleaning.  (Slight lie - had to go deal with a rent-house issue and hang with my very first piano student, a special lady if I do say so myself!)  Everything in the house was covered in that darn dust.  So, lots of dusting (my least favorite household task), rearranging, putting away, and cleaning of all floors ensued.  Like, until 8pm.  However, the great room finally looks grand - and clean -  with that beautiful ceiling!

The random white wall is the beginning of what is going to be a task requiring a LOT of patience.  Carlos looked at the wall, laughed, and told us 1 coat of just that section would probably take an entire gallon of paint.  He's pretty close to spot-on.  That stuff soaks up the paint.  Pretty sure it's a conspiracy.

Anywho, we did some rearranging now that the boxes of paint are no longer in the room (they migrated to the kitchen...) and are really liking our newly expanded seating area!  It looks a little crazy with that primered wall, though =)

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