Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor day!

I started off the morning today with a refreshing time spent in the drizzle.  I figured a day of rain would be good for the poor knockout roses we bought like 2 months ago and left to attempt to survive in their original containers.  So, I started attacking the area next to our kitchen door, pulling out all the wiry ground cover.  When I pulled up the calla lilies, I discovered it had multiple bulbs, so I separated those, too.  After some creative jumping, I managed to make deep enough holes for 2 knockout roses, 3 calla lily groupings, and a couple of chunks of monkey grass.  Then, I threw pine needles down and swept off the area.  Mother Nature has done a great job of watering my freshly planted area, but that also means crappy pictures taken from the cover provided by the overhang:

When I got inside, Mom was back at it, scraping off more wallpaper in our kitchen.  It's a good thing our kitchen doesn't have much wall space!  Travis spent some time with Grandma (and brought over yet more of our stuff we had been storing there!) today, Dad worked, and Mom and I worked on our various sorting and organizing projects (and ironed).  When hubby got home, it was time to remove the kitchen countertops!  We crossed our fingers and it worked.  They were just screwed on to the tops of the cabinets with a little caulk.  Yay!  

The only really tricky thing was the corners, which required Travis to go into the lazy Susans.  

Also, the second corner required that I sit on one side so that Trav could pry up the other piece.  He ended up prying me up, too!  Teamwork prevailed, and we got them out.  Dad came home and identified a leaky valve, so we now also have a fancy system to keep the water out of the cabinet.  We're pretty excited.  Can you use your imagination with us?

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