Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late night

Alright, Jessica, check out what time this one is being posted. =)  Shocked I'm still up.

Yes, everyone, I am blogging at the tender hour of 1AM.  The adrenaline from tonight's craziness is still pumping pretty hard, so I figured I might as well take advantage of it!

Things have continued to be a bit slow due to sickness plaguing both hubby and moi.  However, he found enough energy Friday afternoon to paint our bathroom.  The result?  The crazy zig-zags are gone, which is nice, but now we feel like it just says "half done".  Oh wait, that IS what it is saying :)  Anywho, here's now what you get to see when you walk in:

What is really missing is a close up of the floor.  That's for another time, though.  We also installed our new towel bars, shelf, and TP holder in there.  I spent most of today cleaning up the house - putting things back where they belong (after being displaced for various projects), unpacking the last box (WAHOO - well the last box until Mom and Dad move out and the "guest room" boxes get unpacked, but they're in a closet for now anyway), organizing parts of the great room, doing laundry, and cleaning all the floors.

There was a rumor floating around tonight that the dining room walls might be finished.  It would be pretty exciting if it's true, but we got home so late... it will be a good surprise for the morning.  Travis leaves for Chi-town tomorrow, and I am having a new phone line installed for him while he's gone.  Other than that, I don't have a clear plan for what we'll get done while he's up nawth.  I'll see if I can't do something to surprise him!

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