Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lots done and can actually show PROOF!

I forgot to mention our rockin' deals at Costco yesterday!  We went to Costco because we need a new bathroom faucet (ours leaks) and they had one on sale.  It turned out to be marked down to only $30!  Then, next to it were matching hooks and shelves and everything marked down even more... and just down the line was a showerhead and THEN, further down the line was a kitchen faucet that looked exactly like the one we had already bought... but was like half the price.  WAHOO!

So, back to today...

We had another full day of working on the house today, with the exception of a visit to Grandma and Mom and Dad finishing up some appliance purchasing for their new casa.  Travis packed up some things at Grandma's while I unpacked and sorted things at Turnberry.  I pretty much unpacked and sorted all day, while doing laundry!  Mom and Dad came back from their walk and attacked the kitchen wallpaper:

Travis also cleaned up an area in our courtyard and put in monkey grass, nandinas, and pine needles for Winston.  Winston approved and helped!

So, now, to prove that I have been working my tail off!  Remember this room?

Check it out now :) (there will be 2 panels for each window - the second set is on its way)

And this one?

Well, it's not completely ready for its close up, but here's the bookcase and sitting area...

And the piano corner (imagine our big heavy mirror above the piano - we just don't have the right hardware to hang it right now)...

So, we still have to paint the grasscloth, but we're starting to become attached to the color of the trim.  We still have an overwhelming amount of work to tick off our lists, but Turnberry is really starting to feel like home.  

Travis bought a shelf for our closet yesterday, which was a smidge too short, so he fixed that issue today.  Now, our long wall in the closet has a shelf above the long-hanging stuff.  I finally got to put up a bunch of stuff that had been occupying the floor!

However, my favorite part of today was the tail end.  Right before dinner, we put up Winston's leash holder:

A 3-D dog tail that acts as a hook (it's on our new "Tuscan Finish" kitchen wall)

Now, we're taking some down time with Jared and Jordan in preparation for tearing out the counter-tops tomorrow!  We've talked a lot about the upper cabinets that we had planned to tear out... drum roll please... we are leaving them.  We love the extra storage and also love that it means we don't have to fix the ceiling or the walls =)  This does mean that we have to, yet again, make more returns...  Bye, bye Ikea hood!

Now, as I sit here typing this blog, Mom checks out internet shopping, and Travis threatens Mom with Shrek 2, the genetic reason for why I have such a hard time sitting down and relaxing turns up.

Yup, that would be the dedicated Dad skim-coating the kitchen walls at 10pm on Sunday =)

Feeling bad my feet are up, so I'm off to see what else needs to be done (or go to bed...).

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