Thursday, September 29, 2011

They're growing on me. I think I like them.

Yes, that is the consensus of the evening.  We finally like the cabinets.  Please excuse my cell phone photography here... just too tired to use the camera, attach, upload, fix, upload to the internet, and then post here tonight.  Whew, even typing that makes me tired.

They don't have the knobs yet... hubby claims he's going to do a jig for these.  *do you like the way I dance?*  haha, yes I do know what he means.  P.S. I used power tools.  Those perfectly hung doors were hung by this empowered chica.  ohhhh yeahhh... and I got almost all of these off:

I couldn't get half of the really upper ones off.  Well, the top screw - it was too high and I am apparently too weak.  It made me feel a little better that even my knight in shining armor also made that terrible screw stripping noise when removing them for me (just not as much as I did).  Oh, wait, you say.  Those are... white?  Yes, those are quilter's white.  They have been deglossed and have gotten their first coat of paint already.  AND I took a break in the middle of the day to lunch with Angela!

Now, not all those doors would fit on the dining room table.  So, above you see the bottom row of the uppers... and the upper row... it's hanging out on the microwave.  Which apparently needs a professional  to install it.  Huh.  So for now, I will trip over it every time I have to get something from the "pantry."

Carlos also worked his magic on the ceiling.  I'll hafta get a better picture tomorrow, but check out this white lovely smoothness.

One more thing... I took a little break to work on a certain costume, and I pray it doesn't fall apart before it makes it to the little chicken...  I am pretty psyched.

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