Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turning that frown upside down

On my way home from my run, a good 10 minutes before Carlos was due to be here, I see his trusty van in front of my house!  Wave to him, and let him in.  He gets down to work.  Wow, he is a hard worker and an artisan to boot.  He worked for several hours this morning and then came back again this evening.  Dad is in awe of his work, I think.

I worked more on prepping the kitchen cabinets (a seriously neverending task...) and then set up for....

Step 3.  Glaze the cabinets (optional).  Dear hubby decided to try first.  He did it, and I hated it.  I looked like we had just dragged the pristine cabinet through mud.  No lie.  Important tip #2 (I think?): the colors in the store are NOT anything like what they are in the box.  So, after much grumbling and watching the how-to video on Rustoleum's website, I opted to try again.  What was it going to hurt?  I was going to have to repaint it anyway.  *sigh*  So, I did.  It didn't look the way I had envisioned it might, but... well...

It wasn't terrible either.  I put it in the kitchen on the countertop so we could see the effect and then put up a drawer pull with it to see the combo.

Ok, so not what I had imagined, but it actually went really well with the granite.  So, I went for it.

They are VERY photogenic.  With some encouragement from hubby and Winston, I went ahead and glazed the cabinets, too.

We got to admire Carlos's work:

And Winston enjoyed Carlos being gone :)

So, the glaze on the cabinets then had to wait to dry 8 hours.  E-I-G-H-T hours, people.  Sheesh.  So, I moved on to replacing the knobs in our bathroom - bye-bye white ceramic knobs (I know, huge difference right...)!

I also filled in all the other big holes in the cabinets.  Two thoughts passed through my little head as I was doing this.  #1 Do we really need this many cabinets? and #2 Remind me why I decided against that Ikea kitchen again?

Hubby got the dining room curtains up, too!  It looks like quite the grand room, I think.  You'll hafta use some imagination and pretend the entire great room is not also occupying the room...  Mom and Dad got home in the middle of this installation, and both separately told me that the cabinets looked great.  Hmm... maybe they aren't that bad after all?

So, at 8:30 tonight, I was allowed to complete Step #4. Protective coat.  It's a wee bit gloppy.  But, it's officially on the entire lower cabinet area surrounding the stove.  All four cabinets (2 if you consider that they are pairs).  Woo!

Tomorrow at 9:00am, I am allowed to put the doors and drawers back in - but not shut them.  Tomorrow at 9:00pm, we can finally close said doors and drawers.  And tomorrow at 9:15am, I hope to start on the next small section of drawers and doors!

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