Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vacation = Productivity!

This morning, Carlos arrived at 9 to begin on the ceiling.  Winston helped his "daddy" work.  I started in on the kitchen cabinets!

Step #1.  Clean cabinets.  Easy enough, right?  Well, that meant scrubbing them all down, filling the monster holes with wood filler, waiting for filler to dry, sanding, re-washing, then using the deglosser from the kit.  After the deglosser, you had to wait an hour.  So, I scrubbed the rest of the kitchen cabinets and taped off the insides of the cabinets I am getting ready to do while I waited.

So, their suggestion is to use 2x4s with drywall screws to hold up the doors so that you can paint the edges.  Did I have any 2x4s?  Nope.  So, I improvised.  The box comes with several nice small cardboard box-like inserts, so they became my pedestals.  I am doing a small section at a time so that a. I can feel as though I have actually accomplished something and b. I actually have enough room for the doors and drawers.  I threw a plastic dropcloth over the dining room table, plunked those bad boys down, and voila!  Instant cabinet factory:

The once lovely dining room is now a holding place for great room furniture... the ceiling looked better today after just one coat of spot mudding!

While the deglosser dried, I also finagled the new Ikea laundry cart into submission... er, rather, got most of it together, couldn't get one stupid screw in, and stood crossly while my hubby came to my rescue right before his afternoon call.  But, it is together now and is helping the laundry to feel a bit more organized!

Ok, just a bit, since the huge wet/dry vac is still living in there, but I can pretend.

Step #2. So, the cabinets' base coat goes on next.  You brush it on, let it dry 2-3 hours, and then do a second coat.  The base coat is really just the color you get the cabinets stuff tinted to.  So, I finished it up, headed to Garrett's (piano would NOT have been fun in the mess of the great room today!), and then after a Grandma visit, walk with Winston, and dinner, enough time had passed for coat numero dos.  Here it is after that second coat:

A thing of pre-French country beauty, I tell ya.  Travis is quite excited that we get to play with the glaze tomorrow.  He seems to think I am going to go through that whole painting process again if we do something we don't like.  He's crazy.  I am not doing that again!  (but you just never know)

Better go rest up, since Carlos is planning on being here a whole hour earlier tomorrow!

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