Friday, September 2, 2011

Where has the week gone???

Well, let's start off with who we all care about, shall we?  Winston is finally adjusting.  His fur still smells like polyurethane, but after he went "splat" twice trying to get up on the couch (the poor couch has the scars to prove it), we decided we were going to have to put down at least 1 carpet early.  So, down went the carpet in the great room.  It was instant comfort.

It was so comfortable that, when Travis was not putting his power tools on it (much to Winston's dismay, expressed in sorrowful grumbles), Winston even hung out on his double-bed!

Thursday, we did not get a lot accomplished.  Jared needed a new phone, and we needed a break, so we headed to Costco.  Then, we broke in the new stove with French Toast for dinner!  A migraine won the rest of my evening, but Travis did hang some of our art up.  So what if the walls aren't done yet?  It feels good to have something pretty to look at!

Plans for this afternoon were slightly... interrupted, so we pretty much took the night off, had dinner with the whole fam (will treasure having Jared and Jordan pop in for dinner for as long as they're still in town!), and are now trying to decide what the goal for the weekend will be.  We have to take up the counters Monday.  Travis wants to have a room just done.  I want to pull down the cabinets in the kitchen.  Now, he wants to keep them.  Stay tuned to find out who wins :)

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