Saturday, September 3, 2011

Working hard... with not much to show!

Working hard with nothin' to show was the name of my day!  I got an early start on cleaning up the kitchen and unpacking boxes.  My goal for the day was to have every box unpacked.  There weren't a TON more, so I thought it do-able.  Except I hadn't put the boxes we've had stored at Grandma's and the fact that Travis was going to be starting that portion of the transport today into my equation.  Seriously, every time I turned around and thought I'd almost finished, more boxes appeared.

What also appeared today was another lovely neighbor, who just stopped by with flowers from her garden and a sweet calling card, telling me to call her for anything we need.

Seriously, who could not love this neighborhood!!!

We also had another special delivery this morning - our correct fridge!  Yay!!!  The delivery guys were super nice and overcame several space difficulties.  They had to take the back door off its hinges AND move the stove out in order to get the new side-by-side in its new home.  Then, just as he was testing out the spot, our delivery guy discovered that the above the fridge cabinets were just about an 1/8th of an inch too low to fit the fridge... So, Travis set out to right this issue with a belt sander.

After lots of tries and some cursing, we decided it was going to need an electric plane-er or however you spell it.  Another trip out to find it, and Travis was back with his mom (who needed to help move the old fridge - hold that thought!) to finish the job.  Fridge in place, ready for hubby to attach the water line... hubby looking exhausted!

So, when the delivery guys came out, we had them put our old fridge on the back patio.  It stayed there (with all its contents) while the new fridge cooled off.  Then, I got to transport all food back inside.  When Sherry came over, we loaded it onto a hand truck, backed the truck up to the sidewalk, and the three of us, got it into the truck and then into Sherry's basement all in once piece.  Yeah!

Travis also started in on the courtyard - there's nowhere for Winston to comfortably... well, pee at the moment.  There were lots of holly bushes - nice and picky.  So, he destroyed them.

And then hauled them away - to our old house!  For the city to pick up.

When Mom and Dad got home today, Dad installed 2 new programmable thermostats and Mom worked more on the wallpaper removal in the kitchen.  Travis also installed the water line for the fridge, so now it's a whole go!

Thanks to a placemat I was able to find today, Winston decided it was OK to eat his dinner out of his bowl until the last 8 pieces or so... So, we're still working on his weird eating issues.

After dinner (it's not Digorno, it's delivery!), Travis (with my "assistance") hung some more paintings and Mom helped me "edit" my insanely packed shelves in the great room.  We called it a night and headed out to Grandma's.

We're still trying to decide about the kitchen cabinets.  On the docket for tomorrow is figuring out how to best vent the dryer, and, if I'm lucky, Dad might install our chandelier for us =)  I'll be working on those boxes...  Maybe things will actually feel picked up enough to show updated pictures of some of the rooms!

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