Thursday, September 22, 2011

Workweek accomplishments

So, it wasn't done.  The artiste needed a different brush and better light.  So, I headed over to Ace Hardware and got her 2 brushes.  The first was the fancy expensive one and THEN I thought that maybe the cheap one might make pretty brush strokes.  So, the artiste tells me that the cheap one did look really nice.  Unfortunately, $2.79 brushes leave brush bristles all over the wall.  So, she got going Monday night while I taught yoga and Dad got us Five Guys :)

She continued her hard work on Tuesday, and it started looking pretty fancy!

The artiste wasn't fully pleased with her work and went over several places twice.  I think the only reason Mom stopped painting and touching things up was because her hand was cramping so badly...

Anyway, I got to bring hubby home to a painted dining room!!!  I finished hanging things up today (it's been a pretty tiring week).  It's not a room that wants to be photographed.  I had to wait for daylight, and I'm not sure it still does it justice.  We also don't have any curtains.  Ok.  Enough excuses.  Let's remember what it did look like, shall we?

And now, drumroll please...

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