Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just another day...

After meeting Noah (baby time!!!!) and seeing Mandy for the first time in MONTHS, hubby and I set off to knock out some major work in the house.  Painting sans glaze is wayyy easier.  I got the whole bottom on one side of the kitchen finished (can you tell it's Sunday dinner time? note the cook in the corner =) )!

After hubby finished painting the walls (they aren't ready for their closeup quite yet...), he moved on to making the weird doorway in the hall (that goes into the kitchen pantry???) just a memory!  Unfortunately, he had hurt his back earlier in the day at Grandma's... fortunately, he has a strong wife :)  He framed out the doorway, and I helped with the nailing of nails above my head.  Yup, that's right, I am just that awesome - haha!  

I also managed to bring cut sheets of wallboard into the house for him, too.  All that left us with a feeling of progress!

Above, the small room we will be transforming into a full out pantry!  Below, the hallway that is going to accommodate my future work area!

Finally, the house is looking like fall.  Dad helped get rid of the junk by chopping some of it up last weekend.  This weekend, Travis and I made a dump run (but I got to actually just sit in the truck while he unloaded!).  The patio is starting to look a lot happier, clean, and accessorized!  Mom brought home a cute planting, mums, and some pumpkins.  She helped decorate the outside of the house =)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A visit from the birthday fairy!

The birthday fairy delivered our new duvet cover last night, so it was time to make the change to fall fashion!  Putting duvets in covers is always a challenge.  This cover (from Pottery Barn) has ties for all four corners, but it still takes a little finagling to get the duvet to sit right in its new cover.

But when it gets all settled, it looks so nice!

Welcome, fall!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Not a fan

While Travis loves the latest addition to our family, "Sunny" the watchdog... Winston is not a fan.  He has spent the entire morning staring at Sonny, whining or growling at me (or Sunny)!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Try again tomorrow...

So, Travis worked on our entryway (I tried to help but he says I don't load the roller up enough/often)... and I tried another round of cabinets.

The good news?  The entryway looks awesome.  All lower cabinets have been transformed.  See?

The bad news?  I hate the cabinets.  Hate.

Well, the last section is the way I had imagined them all to look... but instead, they all look different.  Even from section 2 to section 3 of the lowers, you can see a difference...

The pictures do not do the difference justice...

So, the first chunks are super-orange.  The orange is continuously leaving the stain.  I shake, people.  I shake AND I stir.  And the stupid stuff keeps changing color.  So, in the middle of my clear cut coat this morning, Mom suggested painting them a dark color.  I grumpily told her I was NOT re-doing them... until tonight.  I just am so unhappy with it.  Winston is too.  See (Ok, so he was just scared of us moving stuff...)?

So, I'm going to see if Rust Oleum will stick to their satisfaction guarantee.  The paint is great, but the glaze is just way too unreliable for this perfectionist.  We're investigating a super-dark color now.  Kona or Chocolate. Yup, I am painting ALLLLL over again... at least Trav can help me this time b/c there will be no staining involved!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Play me a song...

I was running late today.  Stayed late at work in a meeting and was supposed to be home to teach Garrett at 5:30.  Since the meeting let out at 5:20, I figured I was in trouble.  I called hubby on my way home to tell him I was running late and cut people off like my name was Mac, the cab driver from NYC.  When I got home, puppy and hubby were in the courtyard to greet me.  Nothing really out of the ordinary.  Hubby took my computer bag so that I could run in and start teaching Garrett, who had already arrived.


Well, that's what I thought anyway.


Boy was I wrong.


I walked into the kitchen and caught a glimpse of this through the kitchen door.

It literally took my breath away!!!  We had looked at baby grands, and I had even picked one out... but the tightwad in me got the best of that splurge.  Hubby, though, had other plans.

It fits perfectly.  Who knew this was what I was waiting for to take final after pics of the great room???

Ok, I promise.  Just one more angle.

I spent every free moment this evening playing.  The sound is magnificent.  The piano is magnificent.  And my hubby is magnificent.  I am such a lucky, loved, blessed woman.  Turnberry is truly filled with love.  And music.  Beautiful, magical music.

The delivery note, emphasizing that the piano was a surprise for his wife.  How romantic!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

8 gallons of paint later...

Hubby has managed to finish the great room!  It's not quite ready for its closeup and comparison with the before, but here's a preview!

Our microwave finally made it in, and despite the Tuscan backsplash, at least part of the kitchen is looking like it's coming together!

We have also come up with yet another backsplash option.  Mom also came back from a tile place this weekend and said there were a few options we should go peruse!  Our granite is SO HARD to photograph and make it look like it does in real life.

We had fun visitors (Chris and Caroline) stop by Saturday afternoon after I had gone fabric shopping with Mom.  We were solely looking for inspiration for her new house... but I got distracted by the beautiful fabric.  I even lamented that we had bought curtains and that I should have made them.  I think I am over that :-)  Buuuut, I did find a gorgeous fabric for our bathroom.  I had originally thought it would be enough for a roman shade, but it wasn't.  Our windows are HUGE.  So, I started thinking about a valance.  Then, I got this idea.  See, our window is huge but remains completely covered at all times, since it is to your left when you're getting out of the shower and straight ahead when you're sitting on the toilet.  Not a lot of options to actually let that be exposed.  So, as I had it just randomly hanging, I thought, hm... what about a shade that goes halfway up the window?  This way, you'd have the privacy BUT you'd also get that beautiful natural light!  So, I taped it up to see what I (and of course hubby) thought.

The blackout roller no longer rolls all the way up, so that is the strange white thing hanging down at the top of the window.  That aside, it's growing on me.

I started my new job on Monday (loooove it!), so the above attempt at deciding whether the curtain looks good that way is the only contribution I have managed for the week.  I did cheer hubby on, if that counts for anything.  I also cleared out the decorating stuff so he'd have access to paint.  Maybe this week I will be ready to attack another set of cabinets... maybe not ;-)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Major update!

Well, it has been a busy long weekend!  Everyone tells me the color issue in the kitchen is all in my head.  What do you think?

If you look at the kitchen from this POV, you can pretend the cabinets are done :)

Travis and I got started on some major painting... but I have been banned from painting.  Apparently, I can't see and splattered paint everywhere last night.  Whoops.  We picked out an almost-white for the walls, but after painting one wall (with 1 gallon of primer and 1 gallon of Behr One for a total of 3 coats of paint - this stuff SOAKS UP PAINT), Travis wasn't completely happy.

So, he took a cabinet door with him to the Home Depot and got the trim color matched.  It is amazing  - it looks like it was the same gallon of paint!  Anyway, he decided to paint the lower half of the room the color of the trim.  Sorry there aren't more pics.  I got in big trouble for using a flash camera on him while he was trying to paint the trim =)

We also think we may have finally come up with the backsplash tile.  Travis came home from Home Depot last night with - you guessed it - more paint and these selections.

We just doubled our budget with these selections, but I sort of fell in love with that second picture.  The first one is good and it matches.  The second one, however, is so pretty in person.  Some of those tiles are glass and some are slate I think.  The picture just doesn't do it justice.  

Anywho, getting ready to start the new job, so progress might slow down just a bit =)

Oh, and one more vote... do I get the baby grand for the great room?  I found one I love...

Saturday, October 8, 2011


So, with the rest of my days off, I continued working on the kitchen cabinets.  I ran into a major design flaw.  The glaze has been a different color every time I have used it.  So far, it had been pretty close.  Last night, however, it completely changed colors.  Coincidentally, it is way closer to what I had initially imagined for the cabinets...

I tried restaining one cabinet front this morning, and it didn't work.  Looks like this chica will be re-doing an entire wall of cabinets.  You can imagine just how cross I was last night when the discovery occurred.  So, my plan now is to finish the kitchen, re-evaluate, and hopefully have enough supplies left (and hopefully the stain will stop turning colors) to re-do the areas that don't match.

Oh, and if you're wondering.  Yes, I shook it each time.  Yes, I stirred it each time.  In the future, I have decided it would be wise to have the paint desk shake all supplies for you before leaving the store.  Let's hope I don't have the opportunity to do that with this particular project.  Because hubby will be putting me in a padded room if that is the case. =)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Quite the change...

We took a little respite from all the work that we've been doing and headed to Myrtle Beach for a quick birthday trip this weekend =)
Saturday morning, I got up early, came home, put the final coat on the lower upper cabinets, got to hang with my bff, and then headed to Myrtle Beach!  When we got back today, as Mom was attempting to make us dinner (sorry Mom!), Travis and I set to putting those doors back up.  Wow.  What a difference this new finish makes.  It was rainy outside, but it was suddenly so bright inside!!!  I think seeing this has given me more motivation to continue on and get them all done!  Hopefully, the upper upper cabinets will be done by this weekend and hopefully hubby will get the knobs on those that have been painted.  We're thinking about leaving knobs off the upper upper cabinets to help them just sort of blend into the background.  Pretty psyched to be able to show the official before and after pictures soon!  As in, before Christmas =)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back to the backsplash drawing board

Last night, we made a quick trip to Lowe's to get hooks to hold back the dining room curtains.  We decided to peruse the tile aisles just in case they had gotten anything new in.  There appeared small, brown subway tiles.  We bought a sheet and took them home to inspect.  So, Lynn, what do you think of this as an option?

I think they actually go together better in person than in the photographs...  Mom liked them, I like them, Travis thinks they're ok.  Mom and I say a darker grout to match the tiles more, Travis thinks a lighter grout the color of the small light accents in the tiles (tough to see in these pics).  Travis and I were both hoping for the larger subway tiles...

Opinions, anyone?