Sunday, October 16, 2011

8 gallons of paint later...

Hubby has managed to finish the great room!  It's not quite ready for its closeup and comparison with the before, but here's a preview!

Our microwave finally made it in, and despite the Tuscan backsplash, at least part of the kitchen is looking like it's coming together!

We have also come up with yet another backsplash option.  Mom also came back from a tile place this weekend and said there were a few options we should go peruse!  Our granite is SO HARD to photograph and make it look like it does in real life.

We had fun visitors (Chris and Caroline) stop by Saturday afternoon after I had gone fabric shopping with Mom.  We were solely looking for inspiration for her new house... but I got distracted by the beautiful fabric.  I even lamented that we had bought curtains and that I should have made them.  I think I am over that :-)  Buuuut, I did find a gorgeous fabric for our bathroom.  I had originally thought it would be enough for a roman shade, but it wasn't.  Our windows are HUGE.  So, I started thinking about a valance.  Then, I got this idea.  See, our window is huge but remains completely covered at all times, since it is to your left when you're getting out of the shower and straight ahead when you're sitting on the toilet.  Not a lot of options to actually let that be exposed.  So, as I had it just randomly hanging, I thought, hm... what about a shade that goes halfway up the window?  This way, you'd have the privacy BUT you'd also get that beautiful natural light!  So, I taped it up to see what I (and of course hubby) thought.

The blackout roller no longer rolls all the way up, so that is the strange white thing hanging down at the top of the window.  That aside, it's growing on me.

I started my new job on Monday (loooove it!), so the above attempt at deciding whether the curtain looks good that way is the only contribution I have managed for the week.  I did cheer hubby on, if that counts for anything.  I also cleared out the decorating stuff so he'd have access to paint.  Maybe this week I will be ready to attack another set of cabinets... maybe not ;-)

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