Saturday, October 8, 2011


So, with the rest of my days off, I continued working on the kitchen cabinets.  I ran into a major design flaw.  The glaze has been a different color every time I have used it.  So far, it had been pretty close.  Last night, however, it completely changed colors.  Coincidentally, it is way closer to what I had initially imagined for the cabinets...

I tried restaining one cabinet front this morning, and it didn't work.  Looks like this chica will be re-doing an entire wall of cabinets.  You can imagine just how cross I was last night when the discovery occurred.  So, my plan now is to finish the kitchen, re-evaluate, and hopefully have enough supplies left (and hopefully the stain will stop turning colors) to re-do the areas that don't match.

Oh, and if you're wondering.  Yes, I shook it each time.  Yes, I stirred it each time.  In the future, I have decided it would be wise to have the paint desk shake all supplies for you before leaving the store.  Let's hope I don't have the opportunity to do that with this particular project.  Because hubby will be putting me in a padded room if that is the case. =)

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