Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just another day...

After meeting Noah (baby time!!!!) and seeing Mandy for the first time in MONTHS, hubby and I set off to knock out some major work in the house.  Painting sans glaze is wayyy easier.  I got the whole bottom on one side of the kitchen finished (can you tell it's Sunday dinner time? note the cook in the corner =) )!

After hubby finished painting the walls (they aren't ready for their closeup quite yet...), he moved on to making the weird doorway in the hall (that goes into the kitchen pantry???) just a memory!  Unfortunately, he had hurt his back earlier in the day at Grandma's... fortunately, he has a strong wife :)  He framed out the doorway, and I helped with the nailing of nails above my head.  Yup, that's right, I am just that awesome - haha!  

I also managed to bring cut sheets of wallboard into the house for him, too.  All that left us with a feeling of progress!

Above, the small room we will be transforming into a full out pantry!  Below, the hallway that is going to accommodate my future work area!

Finally, the house is looking like fall.  Dad helped get rid of the junk by chopping some of it up last weekend.  This weekend, Travis and I made a dump run (but I got to actually just sit in the truck while he unloaded!).  The patio is starting to look a lot happier, clean, and accessorized!  Mom brought home a cute planting, mums, and some pumpkins.  She helped decorate the outside of the house =)

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Lynn said...

Love, love, love the new cabinet color!!!!