Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Play me a song...

I was running late today.  Stayed late at work in a meeting and was supposed to be home to teach Garrett at 5:30.  Since the meeting let out at 5:20, I figured I was in trouble.  I called hubby on my way home to tell him I was running late and cut people off like my name was Mac, the cab driver from NYC.  When I got home, puppy and hubby were in the courtyard to greet me.  Nothing really out of the ordinary.  Hubby took my computer bag so that I could run in and start teaching Garrett, who had already arrived.


Well, that's what I thought anyway.


Boy was I wrong.


I walked into the kitchen and caught a glimpse of this through the kitchen door.

It literally took my breath away!!!  We had looked at baby grands, and I had even picked one out... but the tightwad in me got the best of that splurge.  Hubby, though, had other plans.

It fits perfectly.  Who knew this was what I was waiting for to take final after pics of the great room???

Ok, I promise.  Just one more angle.

I spent every free moment this evening playing.  The sound is magnificent.  The piano is magnificent.  And my hubby is magnificent.  I am such a lucky, loved, blessed woman.  Turnberry is truly filled with love.  And music.  Beautiful, magical music.

The delivery note, emphasizing that the piano was a surprise for his wife.  How romantic!!!

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Lynn said...

Hey Travis, I guess the piano was a big hit, eh? Lex, hope you enjoy. Travis was really excited about your surprise.