Monday, October 3, 2011

Quite the change...

We took a little respite from all the work that we've been doing and headed to Myrtle Beach for a quick birthday trip this weekend =)
Saturday morning, I got up early, came home, put the final coat on the lower upper cabinets, got to hang with my bff, and then headed to Myrtle Beach!  When we got back today, as Mom was attempting to make us dinner (sorry Mom!), Travis and I set to putting those doors back up.  Wow.  What a difference this new finish makes.  It was rainy outside, but it was suddenly so bright inside!!!  I think seeing this has given me more motivation to continue on and get them all done!  Hopefully, the upper upper cabinets will be done by this weekend and hopefully hubby will get the knobs on those that have been painted.  We're thinking about leaving knobs off the upper upper cabinets to help them just sort of blend into the background.  Pretty psyched to be able to show the official before and after pictures soon!  As in, before Christmas =)

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