Sunday, November 20, 2011

2 weeks later...

Well, folks, life has gotten a little demanding, so the love at Turnberry turned away from the tasks at hand to the ones we love.  However, in our "down time", we have managed to get a little bit done!  During the week this past week, I managed to get the final top row of the range side of the kitchen painted and hung.  So now, we can admire the whole set of cabinets!

Yesterday and today, I managed to get another small chunk done on the opposite wall in between running errands and cleaning the house and working and whatnot...  Again, please excuse the Sunday dinner cleanup on the counter as well as the lovely ladder.  It's getting late, and I still have a lot to do before I sleep!

Yesterday, we thought we had the wrong drill - Travis has 2 of the same drill - 1 that works and one that needs a different battery.  We couldn't find his drill, so Adam came through for us again and let us borrow his.  Oh, and have a mini-snuggle session with Noah =).  Love that baby-love!  Adam's drill is WAY heavier than Travis's... and I think I am going to have a huge bicep from holding it up to screw in those top cabinet doors!

Travis and I used that drill and our teamwork to finally mount the TV to the wall.  We thought we'd really scored one when we found a wall mount kit at Ikea for $20 some time ago.  Unfortunately, what that kit didn't tell you online was that it was for use with a wall system they have... while running errands on Friday, though, we discovered a wall mount kit at Costco for $80.  Still less than we've ever seen them for - so we scooped it up.  Now, we've got this going on in the great room:

I know, thrilling.  I am pretty psyched, though, because the TV kept making a threatening squeaking noise when I would jump (thanks to TurboFire!).  And, I am pretty sure the boys will be psyched because now the cable box doesn't interfere with turning on the TV power!

Finally, Travis got the pantry taped and a first coat of mud tonight.  I'm hoping he was inspired by mom and dad's new pantry, which is beautiful!  It's looking good!

So, I tried to clean up the dining room (kitchen cabinet painting central) so that we can have a clutter-free Thanksgiving, and I've got quite a bit more cleaning and stuff to do before bed... and the clock is ticking!  Hoping to have lots to show for after next weekend... including some pretty exciting CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.  Yay holidays!!!

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