Friday, November 25, 2011

And the stockings were hung by the fire with care.

We started with Christmas preparations even before we had eaten Thanksgiving "linner".  I figured I should recruit the help before bellies were full.  So, we started outside with out courtyard tree.  It got a makeover with lights and oversized ornaments =)

Yup, that's Travis up on the ladder doing some light wrapping!  Here's the final product in the daylight...

And lighting up the night...

Then, we got to enjoy a feast in our new dining room in our new house, with our little family - mom and dad, Sherry, hubby, bro, and of course Winston.  There was a LOT of food.  A LOT.

I didn't get pics of the preparations, but I did get pics of the cleanup.  I have to say that we felt very blessed and happy to have a huge kitchen this year!  It was so great to not have everyone bumping into each other =)

So, then, I got down to Christmas decorating.  Yesterday, it looked like Christmas exploded in the great room.  However, in between working and wrapping, I managed to get things a bit more together ;)  I just worked while I wrapped!

Winston was POOPED from all the activities of the Thanksgiving Holiday.  There was a LOT of begging to be done, you know.


So, we spent an entire evening last weekend searching out a white Christmas tree.  I get Travis a Christopher Radko ornament every year, and I thought they'd look really cool on a white tree with color lights.

 Pretty cute during the day, but it's awesome at night.  What's better is that it's the first thing you notice when you drive into our neighborhood now =)

I also decorated the "adult" tree in the great room.  And put all those gifts I wrapped underneath!

It looks better lit up at night!

Did a little decorating in the entryway...

And did up the mantle in a style that I like to think of as fun and young... hubby dared to reference the "t" word when describing it (I don't think it is ONE BIT tacky, personally).

Happy holidays, everyone!  I'm off to do some work so I can get started on that last chunk of upper cabinets tomorrow =)

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