Sunday, November 27, 2011

I might not be able to get out of bed tomorrow...

Thanks to my fight with the 30 year old juniper by our mailbox.  Word of advice: if you are considering purchasing a juniper, don't.  It was half dead and had loads of crab grass growing in it.  It looked depressing.  Mom bought us some pansies the other day, so I decided to tackle the task today.  Most of it just yanked out - that's how rotted it was - but I am sure my neighbor got quite the chuckle when I landed on my rear just as she was driving in front of the house...  Anyway, I took a pic of the mess I made!

And of our front door with our holiday wreath :)

Yesterday, I tackled the cabinets.  Mom came in during my first coat and caught me in the act.  It was a bit of a balancing act, as there's not as much counter space below the corner!

They are ALMOST DONE.  Almost.

Today, I made a pumpkin tart that I made last Thanksgiving.  I just marveled at the fact that I had all my stuff way spread out:

And STILL had SO MUCH counter space.  This is the thing I keep repeating as I finish out these last cabinets!  P.S. See those cabinets in the background?  I can't decide what to do about them.  Black?  Same color as the trim?  Travis wants a deeper color of the walls, but I think that is risky for resale... in case someone thinks it's not easy being green.

So, for a little fun, I'll tell you what Winston has been up to.  Yesterday, he ran 1.5 miles (and sprinted when I asked him if he wanted to go home!) and walked almost 6.  Today, he walked around 4 miles and was EXHAUSTED (he needed a ride, mom and dad tell me).  He also got a bath (horrible) and then a de-matting comb (terrible), and then a brushing (no good), and then a little trimming (very bad day).  He made us laugh.  He was so over the combing that he first tried just sitting straight up against me.  This was unsuccessful, as it meant I had belly access.  So, he resorted to clinging to my arm.

And when that didn't work, he resorted to kissing me.

OK, Winston, I, too, am exhausted.  Back to work (the kind at a computer) for me!

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