Sunday, November 6, 2011


Things around here have gone a little bit slower, with caregiving and new job stuffs, but we do continue to plug along.  The door that is now a wall remains just that (and hubby put the Christmas tree in front of it in the hall instead of lugging the tree up to the attic until Thanksgiving - I have no comment on how I feel about this one).  However, in between everything this past week and weekend, I did manage to do this:

And, you might notice that there are actual knobs on those drawers and doors! Travis made his own "jig" and installed them all while I made Sunday dinner!

So, there is a chance that I will have all the cabinets done by Christmas :)  Back to the search for the perfect backsplash again!!!


Lynn said...

Awesome!!!! Great job Lex!!

an angry Bunnie said...

I am really liking the dark color of the cabinets.. as irksome as I know it was for you with the previous color 'experiment'.. I love the dark color much better!