Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bye bye, Mom and Dad!

Well, it was weird to wake up this morning and not greet one of my parents in the kitchen.  Winston was TICKED last night when he went in to get on "his" bed and the room had a couch and a chair wrapped in cellophane in it.  He whined the majority of the evening.

So, backing up, yesterday, we took the day off work and helped Mom and Dad move their stuff from our and Grandma's houses into their new diggs.  We moved in with all the workers still rushing to get things done.  Note to contractors: when my Dad sets a goal, that's it. =)  I don't know ANYONE like that, do you???  Anyway, late yesterday afternoon, Mom and I went to Home Depot - me to get paint and her to pick up a few needed things for the house.  Last night, Travis did a little work while I cleaned things up, and now, Mom and Dad's old bedroom is slowly becoming our office/den:

That mint green paint is pesky, and I think Travis is already in there getting a second coat on for me.  That whole goal thing I inherited.  Oh, I also inherited that "I can do it whether my body agrees with me or not" gene - oi! my biceps are sore from putting together our guest room (and moving lots of stuff at Mom and Dad's)!  Pictures aren't very good, and all the stuff from Trav's desk is still on the bed in them, but you get the idea of what I'm going for:

Merry Christmas Eve!  Off to begin preparing our feast :)

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