Saturday, December 31, 2011

Et Voila!

So, we had this awkward space in the hall, where we took out the door - remember?

After helping Mom and Dad move into their new casa, hubby was inspired by their bench adjacent to the garage... so much so that he thought it would be the perfect solution to the awkward hallway!  Ingenious idea!

So, after checking it out and taking some measurements last night, he got to figuring... and last night's work of this:

And last night's purchase of this:

And, apparently, me leaving him alone for the day... resulted in this:

Isn't that impressive????  Oh my gosh!  It looks even better in person.  He's putting the first coat of paint on it rightthissecond.  And, what's more impressive is that he couldn't get the nail gun to cooperate, so he hand nailed and hand sinked every finish nail.  He was so psyched by how well it turned out, he started in on finishing out our pantry tonight, too!

Before tonight that section on the right was just open, wasted space.  The hardware store didn't have everything he needed, so this is a to-be-continued project =)

Oh, and where was I, you ask?  Out of his hair, in Raleigh, visiting my best friend one last time before she has baby!!!  So, here's one of the things that I've been working on that has slowed my progress on the house - my very first "real" quilt (as in, more than just 1 piece of fabric attached to another - it has actual blocks - lots of them):

Ah, and for those of you following the trials and tribulations of Winston-ian, he wants to you know that he is adjusting well to the changes.  It's rough having to go now between TWO comfy couches in the house, but he is managing.

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Dottie said...

Catching up.on your progress. I love the bench. Happy remodeling.