Sunday, December 18, 2011


Holy smokes.  I am finally done painting the main kitchen cabinets.  Now, we just have the backsplash to tile and the breakfast nook cabinets to paint... and the trim to paint... and the window treatments to make... and we'll be done with the kitchen =)

I even had time to give Winston a haircut and a bath.  He was not excited.

Can't see him giving me the stink eye from his safe place?  Here's a close up.

See?  So not happy with me.  But he looks cute in time for Christmas!  Ah, and I promised Nan I'd post this picture of Winston helping me work the other weekend.  So, in memory of my favorite redhead...

If I listen closely, I can hear Nan laughing. =)

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an angry Bunnie said...

That is a stink eye for sure. *nod* And I am loving your kitchen!