Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Tuscany to Winston

So, in order to keep ourselves completely occupado this weekend, we had a long to-do list.  Mom and Dad took us on a decorating shopping spree Saturday.  We went to help mom look for fabric and find fabric for some couch pillows and our new chair.  We ended up with fabric for the huge windows/sliding glass door in the great room.  The best part? We bought it at the first place we went to, and then Mom found it at the second place and had me ask how much it was. Ready?  Ready for this? $59.99 A YARD, people.  I almost laughed out loud in the face of the woman behind the counter.  We came home with some great samples.  I'll get to that in a minute.  
So, after the fabric, we went to this huge furniture store to start the search for dining room furniture.  We've been using Mom and Dad's old stuff.  Well, unfortunately, I fell in love with a $12K table.  Not including chairs.  HAH.  Also, mom discovered a $10K leather armchair.  Seriously, do you know what I could do with $10K?  It's not buy a chair.  Or a table.  So, when I was running out of steam, they brought us to the place where they recently bought their table - the table we are super-jealous of.  And, there it was.  Our new table and 6 new chairs.  Pictures to come once it's delivered!
So, after whipping out the plastic there, we met Sherry back at the house to inspect our fabric samples:

Surprisingly, the Moms and I agreed that hubby could keep the back of his beloved chair and use a striped fabric on the front:

And, here's our super-expensive fabric that we got an amazing deal on:

It is beautiful and perfect.  It goes with the color of the walls beautifully and ties in with the rug.  Oh!  And it goes with our new pillows (which do not photograph well) that I made today!

So, back to Saturday night.  After all the parents left, hubby started in on the backsplash.  In two hours, he finished one whole wall (with me on prep and cleanup duty - someone hasta get all the mastic off the tiles), while Winston helped me get started on the curtains.  I mean, drapes, Mom =)

And by this afternoon, our kitchen went from that to this:

WOOHOO!!!  We even had time to give Winston another Mommy-cut.  I think I'm getting pretty good:

Meanwhile, I worked to get a mock-up of the swag of our new curtains up to see how it looks:

The coloring seems to be off on everything today, but it's a start.  

Anyway, now we are all just plumb tuckered out.  Good night!

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