Sunday, January 8, 2012

Paint count... 24 Gallons I think?

Hubby has been doing quite a bit of painting this weekend!  His bench is done, and we bought the hooks yesterday!  He also finished painting that little hallway.  So, the before:

And the after - almost the same position...

The little black things on the bench are the hooks that haven't made it up yet :)

The pantry is almost ready for the stuff to be returned (it's on the other side of that lovely bench):

And last night, Winston helped me sew up the valances for the office:

We got more picture hangers last night and have plans to have the cable guy come out to put in another connection for Travis's new TV, so hopefully I'll have official "after" pics of the office soon!  Travis also bought paint for the second full bathroom, so we might have a picture of that soon too =)  You just never know!

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