Sunday, January 15, 2012

Well, unless you want a close up of the baseboards I scrubbed in our bathroom or evidence of just how well the vacuum works, there's not much of an update this weekend!  Hubby was on grandma duty for most of both days, and I was in major cleaning mode (and acting as geek squad for my mom =) ).  We also hit up a furniture store in search of a dining room set.  We found nothing.  That will be quite the search, I am a-feared.

We did, however, take some time out Sat afternoon to take pics of Jared and Jordan.  I won't share many since I don't want to steal their thunder, but I have to say, this photo shoot turned out to be a little trying.  First, they forgot Daisy (I had visions of the poor pup with a paw on either side of her cheek, screaming, a-la Home Alone...).  Winston joined us and kept sneaking into the photo ops, as did random hikers.  Then, it was quite difficult to get the boys (ok, and girls) reigned in from goofing off...

OK, guys now walk toward me:

Best part?  When I had them walk away, they didn't stop at the end of the bridge...  

And then, we tried a "family photo" but Winston was more interested in doling out the kisses...

Psh, two can play that game:

While hubby worked on his Sean Connery (Ok, I can't lie.  I think he looks super-handsome...)

And his... well, I don't know (which left me clueless and Jared and Jordan snickering):

And which then just left me in freezing stitches (my fingers were bright pink...).

But after all that, I think we did get a couple of great shots:

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