Sunday, February 19, 2012

My housewarming gift...

My aunt Martha sent me a housewarming gift of this awesome scraper enclosed in a mitt so you don't get a chilly hand when scraping the car.  WELL.  Last weekend, I was bragging about how I had barely had to use it this winter.  I got to use it every morning this week.  Then, tonight, it started sleeting and snowing.  While it sure was handy, this was not what I was expecting!

So, a quick update.  We spent a good deal of the weekend working on cleaning out Grandma's.  Saturday, we went to see my BFF and meet her little guy.  Totally not enough baby snuggle time for me, but it was so good to see that little family!!!

Saturday night, I started a little re-decorating again.  I think I spent like 2 hours or more hours moving things around  I'm sure you'll be able to spot all the differences...

Sadly, you can't see the pottery bowl on the second shelf really...

What looks different?  Mostly the bottom shelves - I put up some of our albums.  However, I moved all our pictures all around!

Walking into the great room, re-did the sofa table.  Again.  Oh, and I can admire my drapes one more time!

So, these shelves are missing their glass doors still.  Trying to figure out where exactly to paint those doors now that our old dining room table/work station is gone,  Also, the bowl on the bottom and the white platter on top need stands, which we haven't gotten yet.

Anyway, work is calling my name... G'night!

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