Sunday, February 5, 2012


And, as a result, I'm giving the down-and-dirty of the weekend.  Saturday, hit up Ikea for these picture frames (the rest of the pictures were purchased at 4x6 and we needed 5x7s..It was the end of a long day - new ones are waiting for us at Costco):

We also hit up Home Goods and found some awesome pillows to finish off the couch - $6.99 each!!!

As i was photographing the couch, there was a yip at my feet.  When asked if he wanted his picture taken, this is what Winston did:

I guess that was a yes!

This past week was insanely busy, so the grouting did not happen in the kitchen.  BUT, we did manage to move the old dining room table out of the dining room after our new table was delivered!  I think it looks awesome!

Saturday, we also stopped in Lexington and found 2 options for a china cabinet.  With votes split 50/50, we're leaning toward one... but I'll leave you in suspense until we make the final decision and get it delivered!


OK, 5am is gonna come way too fast, and tomorrow promises to be a super-busy and long day, so g'nite my lovelies!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!

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