Sunday, March 18, 2012


Well, this morning, the forecast was showing nasty storms ahead.  So, I roused hubby out of bed early to get started on the rest of our tasks.  Getting the last 2 stumps out of the ground was ROUGH.  They had MASSIVE roots (one was actually going through a hole in the brick wall - and that root will continue on in its residence).  And we were really TIRED.  But, we persevered and... voila!

So, since we're celebrating bdays tonight and the roast had to go in at noon, I went to drop off the rest of our weekend shrapnel and pick up pine needles while hubby got to making bday cake.  There was this man at Lowe's who was attempting to put 30 bales in his truck.  I told him I didn't need to buy any - I could just follow him home and pick up all the bales he dropped!  Anywho.  Back at the ranch...  I planted the last two camellia bushes outside the courtyard, cleaned up, and raked out all the old pine needles and leaves and stuck them in another 4 trashbags.  Hubby returned the fabulous truck, and I made it inside as it was lightly raining to start getting rid of the massive amounts of dirt we tracked in... but not before taking more after shots!

The two new camellia bushes with fresh pine needles around them.

The small bed next to the stairs to the kitchen - hopefully it will have tulips blooming soon - and a peony - and blooming Sweet Daphnew and Knockout Roses and freshly chopped down monkey grass!

Shot of the gate in the courtyard with the newly trimmed camellia!

A better closeup of the corner where hubby hit his toe with the axe, we fought with a MASSIVe stump, and we planted the Christmas camellia!

All those fresh pine needles!  The courtyard looks way bigger than it did before, and I don't think either one of us can stop smiling over the progress we made this weekend.  Which is good, since toward the end today, I found myself grunting.  A lot =)  I think we'll both be OK with a work day tomorrow - it means we get to sit down!!!!

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