Saturday, March 17, 2012

So many creative titles...

So little time.

Thanks Mother Nature / Winston's Pee of Approval / Green with Envy on St. Patty's Day...

Just so many choices.  So, instead of worrying about which to choose, I'll launch into an update, because there is a LOT of change happening around here!

Last night after work, we headed to Myer's Greenhouse to get the plants approved by our neighborhood committee.  First, the awesome lady who helped us to begin with recognized us right away and asked if we had gotten our plans approved.  So, we set out to pull together all the plants we needed.  Our courtyard looked like a veritable natural garden.

Winston was so not impressed and chose to pout from the comfort of the inside.  He officially had no good place to pee.

We pulled out all the stumps from the front of the house and felt very accomplished.  

The front of the house was looking pretty barren, and all the neighbors asked who we were going to have do our new landscaping.  Thumbs came in very hand ("This guy!") for our answer.  Finally, the front of the house looked pretty empty and ready for some new life!

So, this morning, we were back at it.  First, we had to bring all our "shrapnel" to our first house for curbside pickup =)  Then, I started pulling more of the stuff out of the courtyard while hubby went to get more, larger camellias (yup, the smaller ones weren't gonna do it, so we moved their planned location).  He came back with those AND golden Eunymus.  Or something like that.  We headed off to Greensboro to pick up some sod for Winston and then got cracking!  We started with the front.  First, the arrangement.  Here's the first choice:

And then here's hubby's choice:

We went with hubby's choice.  We decided it looked more like the other plantings in the neighborhood.  Hubby dug in, literally, and I helped as we went along - funny story here.  So, we were worried there was something wrong with the water b/c none was coming out.  But, I unscrewed it, and it was working fine.  Seems ants had made the nozzle their home.  Ewwwwww.  After a lot of hard work, the front was planted.

I was not happy with this pic.  I took it just as the sun was starting to come over the house and shading the front.  So, the house was ready for its closeups!  I put snapdragons all around the mailbox:

I am hoping that these have more oomph than the sorry washed out pansies that finally just made their first appearance since Mom got them for me last fall!  Next is a closeup of one side of the house - we replicated by counting bricks so it would be even =)

Still not super-happy with the pics, but I was TIRED.  I also got a boxwood for the planter Sarah gave me for Christmas and put more snap dragons in another planter that just happened to be in a coordinating color (and if you look real close, you can see me in my ridiculously oversized yard jeans =)

So, we took a break to bring the arbor to Mom and Dad's and then got to the courtyard.  Winston came with us and enjoyed the ride immensely!

There are no pictures to show the hour plus of chopping and grunting and yanking and whatnot it took to get the last stump out of the ground.  I'm not sure I'll be able to get out of bed tomorrow.  But, teamwork led to our victory, and it left a hole the perfect size for the camellia that Sarah got me for Christmas.  Yes, it made it through the winter and finally found its home!  The sod went down (I think I'm all out of order, but only hubby will care...), and Winston came out.  I think he might have been excited about it and a little thankful for the new diggs...

He gave his grass the inaugural pee and was happy.  Yay!!!  We got to cleanup... and while we still have plans, we think it's looking pretty good!

Ok, so here on the left side, hopefully gladiolas will be popping up around that tree.  We're going to get a big pot to go to the left of the tree and plant herbs.  We're also going to plant monkey grass as a border to the real grass (with the hope that Winston will love it and not turn the pretty green grass yellow!)

So, you can't see it, but it had started to rain, so behind the table is our camellia.  That big bush on the left of the table is a sweet olive, which smells like apricot!

And, here, on the right, we're planning to have jasmine growing up the trellis, surrounded by encore azaleas and then annuals.  But, the azaleas haven't come in yet, and that's ok by me =)

Thank you, Mother Nature, for raining.  First of all, the grass needed to be drenched, according to the nice sod guy.  And, all our new plants probably needed more water than they got.  Second, it meant that we couldn't tackle the other two stumps!!!  More updates to follow tomorrow, hopefully!

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