Thursday, March 15, 2012

Uh-oh... a casualty!

Yes, folks, it is time to say goodbye... the shovel...

But, before I explain what's going down here at Turnberry Love, I want to take a moment to say a belated happy birthday to my amazing aunt...

...and to my amazing dad...

I can't say enough how lucky we are to have the family support we have around us.  We celebrate you both and feel fortunate to have both of you in our lives!

So... back to the poor shovel.  Yesterday, it was beautiful.  A few days ago, we got the "do what you'd like" blessing from the head of the grounds committee... and, as Travis pointed out tonight, he had heard from a certain someone*coughmotherinlawcough* that our courtyard is a little lacking...  Trav began tackling the sticky ugly bushes outside the courtyard, while I worked on the overgrown camellia bush:

Soon, outside the courtyard, we had this:

Which the nice yard guys hauled away for us today!  And inside the courtyard, we had this:

Winston came out to check things out and really wasn't sure about the situation:

But we got the tail-wag of approval, anyway.  So, when I left work, I was so disappointed to see that it was raining.  I had planned to do more prep work tonight, and mother nature was taking care of those plans =(  Hubby had other plans for M.N., though!  This is what I saw when I got home:

Three stumps and lots of pachysandra all over the bricks!  Unfortunately, the fight against the old stumps was eventually lost, hence the shovel casualty.  So, tonight, we purchased a new shovel so the fight can be renewed tomorrow.  Pretty excited to bring new curb appeal to Turnberry Love this weekend!!!  let's hope it doesn't rain all weekend now...

The front of the house is to have Camellias, Gold Mop Cypress, Nandinas, Daylillies, and some annuals.  Stay tuned to see if those plans actually go off without a hitch =)

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