Sunday, March 25, 2012

What every wife wants to hear...

Scene: Wife tips ice maker while hubby uses garden shears to cut a hose connected through the floor: "Phew.  That WAS just a drain line.  No electrical."

Saturday, I got to play in the kitchen.  I used almost every inch of our countertop and had a blast - blondies, ice cream, meringues.  YUM!  Hubby got started on the closet in the front room.  It is a big closet... check out all the stuff that was in it!

He got the shelves put in on one side and a couple of coats of paint to freshen it up.  It's going to be a tool-holding closet... so hopefully he won't have to ask me where his hammer/tape measure is all the time =)

Today, with a little help from yours truly, hubby got started on the wet bar... turning it into my "crap closet", also known as a craft closet.

So, this is where hubby cut the water drain line in hopes that it did not also include electrical wire =)

All the junk is stuck in the front hall for the moment...  I took a picture but am having technical difficulties!  Everything is out, but the rain impaired the shelving installment... stay tuned =)

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sherry said...

At least the axe wasn't needed. Where's the teapot?